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Throw your tie into the already damn trash

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Publications as different as The Wall Street Journal, The Times of India, and the Financial Times demand:Is the tie relevant again?“”Is your tie extinct?” When “Is this the end of the tie?Let me answer. The tie is irrelevant, extinct and ending.

It is a thing of the past for gentlemen to stop wearing ties. These cloth relics are ridiculous and outdated and are potentially harmful to both your health and your self-esteem. They are bad for you as an individual and for society as a whole, and when viewed objectively away from their cultural meaning and luggage, they are ridiculous like spats.

When you have to wear a tie because of some kind of “professional work”, it’s time to confront the oppressors and demand freedom in your neck.What are they going to do, fire Everyone?? On a piece of cloth?Workers Stand up and unite nationwide Beyond wages and allowances. Isn’t it just as important to wear a tie?

Who is the tie wearer?

Do you know who always wears a tie? Salesmen, lawyers, politicians-all professions are based on trying to earn the trust of those who really shouldn’t trust you.

Inconsistent tie wearers include those who follow the nasty advice of “changing into the job they want to do” (that’s why I’m dressed as Wonder Woman) and want to be a businessman doing business with stocks and mortgages. It will be. These people are essentially auditioning for their role in the closing play, or trying to join a club that no longer exists.

Sadly, some people actually that is I’m impressed by those who wear ties and those who trust men in suits more than men in regular clothes, but it feels like it’s starting to change. Anyway, it’s for me. Looking at the people wearing ties, I think they are income agents who have come to shut down my stills.

Science says bonds are harmful to your health

Science spoke:

I have these Be vigilant I wonder what the dangers of wearing a tie, and what these same scientists conclude about the dangers of wearing trousers, is that. Healthier Wear a tie rather than not. So I go ahead and conclude that the bond is killing us all.

Anyway, what is a tie?

A tie will not work unless you use it to wipe your mouth. It’s completely affectionate, so you’ll have to ask yourself why you or someone else wants you to wrap a cloth around your neck, but only in a particular way using one of the four knots.

The cultural and symbolic meaning of wearing a tie is incomprehensible, but a tie can be seen as either a giant arrow pointing to a junk (gross) or a symbolic representation of Don itself. increase. Neck at the request of a person with higher status (metamorphosis).

Traditionally, ties have served as the only place where a man can express his personality through clothing. The rest of the suit was gray flannel, but you had this little piece of cloth that was allowed to decorate to express who you are. This gave birth to a man wearing a novel tie with golf tees, a school-colored tie, a little duck tie for those who really like ducks, and other sad little “statements”. .. Instead, why not dress up as someone who is everywhere? Take the courage to wear golf tees on your pants. Unbutton your shirt and wear a gold lion pendant. Anyway, the world is about to end.

Ties are already out of date, you’re a geek

There is an old saying that I made“Lancaster, California, so is the world,” and R. Rex Paris, Mayor of LancasterRecently asked a city lawyer to investigate whether the city’s employer could ban employees from requiring them to wear a tie. I don’t seem to go anywhere, but R. Rex was asking the right question. Is it possible to use the rigorous power of the local government to determine what people can wear? “What? No!” The mayor’s heart is in the right place. But I’m not going to use state machinery to break the tie. The tie is already an old-fashioned relic and will never come back. The current hero of capitalism, Silicon Valley Tech Brothers, hasn’t worn a tie for at least 20 years. Richard Branson I don’t wear a tie. Don Knotts chose the stylish Ascot.As the Atlantic It pointed out, The tie is a new bow tieAnd you don’t want to be that guy wearing a bow tie, believe me.

If it’s good to wear a tie

They are bad for your health, ridiculous, and outdated, but there are two (and only two) opportunities where wearing a tie is a good idea.

1 When dressing up

I am fortunate to live in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, few people wear ties, so Had I wore a tie after attending Catholic High School. There are few opportunities to expect someone to wear a tie for me, such as a wedding or an arrangement, but it’s fun to dress formal in the old school way at the right time, so some in the closet I have a nice tie. (I also have a witch’s robe to go to the Renaissance Fair.)

If you are pulling Val Lewton

Film producer Val Lewton appeared in the 1950s when even filmmakers had to wear a tie every day.Ryuton, Producer Cat person Among other masterpieces, a stylish-looking cultural figure, but occasionally seemingly random, he appeared in RKO Pictures wearing a very ugly tie. When asked about it, Luton explained: So they have to look at it. This is the reason for my favorite tie.

Throw your tie into the already damn trash

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