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Those boring solar pathway lights can be turned into beautiful ones

Image of article titled Can Turn Boring Solar Pathway Lights into Beautiful Things can turn these boring solar pathway lights into beautiful ones

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Friendly solar power Shine is a welcome addition to anything Pouch or patio —When sNot because solar LED components are relatively cheap Hard to find affordable Solar walkway lights, string lights, or other small solar fixtures.. They often do not come in many varieties, But beyond normal Stake in the ground style, So If you need something a little more fun or funkyYou may want Go to the DIY route.Fortunately, it’s not difficult to turn a typical solar light into a more exciting focal piece. With some simple tools and materials. Here’s how to tackle it Your own upcycling solar light project..

How to Upcycle Solar Lights

tThe ools and materials you need Will be vary, but with a good cordless drill, a set of drill bits, some flower wires The wire cutter comes in handy.The most important factor is to choose An outdoor spot to shine light in places exposed to sunlight You can charge it. Once you have the material and location, you can decide what type of light you want to create.


There are many ways to use cheap lights Solar pass light, So we can start with them. The first thing to remember is that these lights have stakes, but there is no rule that you need to use them. Instead, you can use a different structure to hold the light.For solar chandeliers, take some passlight tops and put them in a conserved place Hanging candelabra.. The great thing about this type of light is that it’s wireless, so you can hang it anywhere in the sun.

LLight fence cap

To create With illuminated fence cap Solar pass light, Drill The hole at the top of the fence is the same size as the base of the light that normally fits. Stakes.There should be about 2 holes Up to 3 inches deep to hold the lamp. TMeasure the depth of o From each hole make All lights are at the same height on the stanchions. Wrap some painter’s tape or other gentle adhesive tape around the drill bit several times and use it as a stop. For your drill. If you stop drilling the tape every time, all the holes will be the same depth.

A Illuminated centerpiece

Can also be used Wire wreath form Create an illuminated centerpiece by shaping the light from the passlight into a wreath and decorating it with your favorite green or wreath decoration.for For special outdoor occasions, or the focus of your patio, these are fun and simple solar light upcycling projects.If you’re having a hard time keeping the lights upright, you can use some Florist wire Wrap it around the base of the light and attach it to the wreath foam to keep them in place.

The possibilities are endless

When you start using these passlights for other purposes, See their new usage on all regular objects. You can make a lantern using the solar passlight at the top of a jar filled with sea glass or colored glass balls.You put some Solar powered string light During ~ Earth lamp for street lamps Create a glowing orb for your garden. You can also install a solar light on top of the Jack O Lantern to take advantage of safe, low cost solar lights. Halloween pumpkin.The two ingredients that are really needed to upcycle solar LED lights are sunlight and Imagination.

Those boring solar pathway lights can be turned into beautiful ones

Source link Those boring solar pathway lights can be turned into beautiful ones

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