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This TikTok Is Right About Not Closing The iPhone App

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Helping your parents with their iPhone is the bane of your existence. They can’t understand her FaceTime and expect you to know all the passwords. I never have Quit the app. After all, swiping up apps is the best way to make your iPhone run faster and use less battery, right? You’re wrong and your parents are right about leaving the app open all the time.

If you think otherwise, it’s not your fault. Apple doesn’t say you don’t need to quit apps when setting up your iPhone. It’s a popular belief and makes sense in theory.If that’s how you’ve been using your iPhone all along, stumble A TikTok From Someone Like Carter Peace Tells You No To quit the app It may look like misinformation on TechTok (of which many on the platform). But he is 100% correct on his part.

It may seem counterintuitive, but quitting apps actually makes your iPhone experience worse. When you quit an app, iOS has to fully reopen it the next time you use it, using more processing power and battery. If you leave it alone, the app is already open, ready, or “paused” in the background. So it’s not “open”, but it’s not completely shut down either.

Apple designed multitasking to work best without user intervention. iPhone suspends apps as needed to allocate memory for other apps and tasks. So your previously used apps may still be ready, or they may need an update. However, updating an app is less taxing than opening the app for the first time, which puts less strain on your processor, battery, and user.

The idea here is to balance everything out. The iPhone wants to keep apps fully open that it can handle, while suspending apps that don’t fit. It knows how to do this better than you, so it’s best to let the system handle it.

That’s not to say you should avoid quitting apps at all costs. If the app works, freezes, or stops working properly, you have to swipe up on the app. If messages keep crashing, or Instagram can’t load your DMs, then force quitting is often the fix you need.

But as long as the app works as expected, leave it alone. Cleaning up your iPhone is satisfying, but it doesn’t really do much other than make it look nice. If you want your iPhone to run at full speed and maximize battery life, do like your parents and don’t quit apps.

This TikTok Is Right About Not Closing The iPhone App

Source link This TikTok Is Right About Not Closing The iPhone App

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