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This simple tip and dip combo is a flavor explosion

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Photo: Claire Lower

“Where do you get your ideas?” I get a fairly frequent question, and one There is no one answer. Some of them Duck fat magic shell, Comes from my strange little brain.Like some of them Cucumber spaghettiInspired by Other people’s workAnd some of them are straightforward suggestions I try, taste, and share for all benefit. This tip and dip combination is the final combination.

This proposal came via Twitter from Virginia Smith, the former editor-in-chief of Lifehacker.

Someone at TikTok recommended mixing Worcestershire sauce with sour cream as the perfect combination of salt and vinegar chips. I tried it last night and my life is never the same … it basically produces a fish and chips flavor experience (delicious french fries with vinegar and maybe ril tartar sauce).

The current Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Joel Cunningham, tagged me in a Virginia tweet and warned me of a possible hack.

About an hour after seeing the tweet, I walked from my friend’s apartment to Whole Foods and got a bag of sour cream, Worcestershire sauce, salt and vinegar kettle chips.Then I peeked Original content, And mixed the sauce and sour dairy until it became “light brown” as suggested in the video. I dipped the tip and put it in my mouth.

that is Intense experience.

simple-Look, humble-Sounding combination pack very punch. It’s very spicy and incredibly salty, too strong to say “delicious”, but I still couldn’t stop pushing it into my mouth.

It was like a delicious warhead candy. It’s full of flavor and almost overwhelming, but it recedes in the last second, much like a truck playing chicken on an oncoming car.

Chips are obviously sour and salty, and dips are sour and salty, a little sweet, and a little funky. It should be too much, but everything works fine. However, we recommend using Lea Perrins brand Worcestershire sauce. Whole Foods I went to didn’t have it. It was only their dam store brand that did not contain the two ingredients that make Worcestershire sauce special, tamarind and anchovies. (Especially anchovies will have a little more umami.)

Of course, eating this dip with plain potato chips will give you a more reasonable experience.Virginia told me that dips also work It goes well with the assortment of Kurdite. But there is something exhilarating about obedience. “Experience such an extreme experience over and over again, from the compulsion of acid, salt and crisp chips to the taste stab.

This simple tip and dip combo is a flavor explosion

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