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this is the perfect french fry dip

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We, as a society, do many things to and with f.French fries. In the US it is dipped in ketchup (and sometimes mustard), in the UK it is splashed with malt vinegar, in much of Europe it is dipped in mayonnaise and in Canada it is dipped in gravy. We cover them with chili, cheese, chili cheese, and some swirl in ranch dressing, which is weird considering the fries are potatoes. I love butter.

On a recent trip to the (hot and sticky) Alabama Gulf Coast, I ordered a pound of blue crab claws in an incredibly garlicky pool of garlic butter. I chose French fries.

I don’t think you’ll be shocked to find out that the combination was delicious. A smooth, pungent seafood-infused butter is infused into the crunchy fries, making the slightly greasy and salty buttery bite extremely comforting. There is none.

Fortunately, we You can make it a “thing”. Just dip the fries in butter. (Easy for us!) You can dip the fries in softened room temperature butter (like I do with potato chips), drawn butter, browned buttergarlic butter, or compound butterI think they are particularly nice black garlic butter.

If you want to add dairy products, you can mix A little Icelandic yogurt For tansy dip butter, or Mix butter and brie cheese for a cheesier affair. But let’s start with the buttered humble ramekins. I think you will be totally delighted with it.

this is the perfect french fry dip

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