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This is the pepper that makes KFC taste so good

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Chili peppers took me a while to get used to, at least as a kid. My sister, who used to call pepper “hot salt,” loved it and sprinkled it on melons. my grandmother’s house. I finally learned to love pungent, fermented berries—White pepper in particular should be learned to love by more people (and should be cooked with it).

In my opinion, white pepper is a true “hot salt,” but “hot” means sexiness, not mouth-burning ability. While it may distract, white pepper takes a back seat and subtly enhances the flavor of the dish, bringing an earthy funk.

Both colors of pepper are from the same plant— Piper nigrum. Black pepper is obtained when unripe berries are dried with their skins on, which is what makes them unique. wrinkles, black appearanceI Fermentation, processing. White pepper is made with fully ripe berries that are soaked and fermented before the outer layer is removed, leaving a softer, milder, thinner berry.

White pepper is often praised for its ability to blend into light-colored foods without any noticeable specks, but I’m more about flavor.Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, French, Swedish Commonly used in cooking, its mild and appealing nature makes it the perfect pepper for seasoning poached meats and seafood, delicate soups, creamy soups and gravies. It goes well with desserts such as ice cream and creme brulee.

If you don’t know where to start with this light pepper, use it like you would black pepper.Lately while the black pepper in the grinder has been pretty discouraging, I’ve found myself adding it to everything. onion dipprovides savory and funky support for caramelized onions. Scrambled eggs, which blends into the creamy curd and adds a warm, earthy depth. and fried chicken. (It’s true: white pepper is one of the less secret 11 herbs and spices.) If that’s good enough for the Colonel, it’s good enough for me.

This is the pepper that makes KFC taste so good

Source link This is the pepper that makes KFC taste so good

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