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This is the best way to drink Diet Coke

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if Diet Coke cult If it were a true cult, I’d be that squeaky floam (fully devoted and oddly hot). Combined, I didn’t notice a calorie-free drink, and I was close to my age. (Coincidentally, that’s exactly what I imagine his quad feels to be.)

On the alignment chart, Diet Coke is chaotic neutral. Its sour, frothy and firm nature is combined with sweet and savory flavors. thanksgiving dinner—and avid Diet Coke lovers have been known to enjoy her for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Come to think of it, I really don’t know anyone who drinks Diet Coke casually. We all have a little Diet Coke ranking system. Opinions about cans and bottles tend to vary from drinker to drinker, but nearly every Diet Cokehead agrees that McDonald’s Fountain His Diet Coke is the pinnacle of Diet His soda enjoyment. (Another thing we agree on? Diet Pepsi I never have “all right”)

McDonald’s Diet Coke is perfect for three reasons. Consistent syrup to water ratio, temperature control and beautiful straws. And while you may not have your own Diet Coke fountain, you can use McDonald’s principles to create the best Diet Coke drinking experience at home.

starting with syrup

The difference between McDonald’s Diet Coke and other Diet Cokes is in the way the syrup is delivered to the restaurant.according to new york timesMost syrups are shipped in plastic bags, but McDonald’s ships them in stainless steel tanks, so they stay fresher and last longer.

Then there’s the issue of consistency and chilling (and consistently chilling). If you’ve ever encountered her soda made with a syrup-to-water ratio “off,” it can be an unpleasant experience, especially if that soda is Diet Her Coke (aspartame is a fickle beast). I know I have a nature. McDonald’s prevents such disasters by following precise proportions and keeping everything super cold. from their website:

Pre-chilling the Coca-Cola syrup and water before adding to the soda, using an ice-melting syrup ratio per guidelines set by Coca-Cola, ensures that the Coke product stays fresh and always tastes the way it should. will do so. fountain!

Why is temperature important?

Hot Diet Coke is disgusting. It feels flat on the tongue and has a distinctive flavor best described as ‘blood and metal’.according to new york postMcDonald’s, “The soda water is constantly being recirculated through this tube system, so it can be kept between 33 and 38 degrees (just above freezing) at all times.”

Keeping your drink chilled will not only keep it fresher, but it will also keep it more effervescent. Cold liquids hold more gas than warm liquids. In other words, gases are more soluble in cold liquids, Science.comchanges in temperature and pressure can also affect pH and, consequently, flavor.

The taste of carbonated drinks depends on the temperature at which they are stored. This can be explained by the fact that the temperature needs to be lowered to stabilize the carbon dioxide content. As a result, the pH drops to 3.2 to 3.7, giving the drink a sour taste typical of soda flavor. This is why soda should be drunk cold.

The lack of acidity in hot Diet Coke makes it taste unbalanced and has a metallic taste. That’s why McDonald’s takes temperature seriously.

What you can do with a straw is limited

McDonald’s straws are the perfect straws. It’s wider than most straws, so you get more bracing bubbles in your sip, but even the best straws only work when faced with hot or flat beverages.Test the Straw’s Power To do so, McDonald’s Big Fountain Diet Coke and his local P.I.I put a PEntree convenience store.

I tasted Diet Coke five different ways: from a McDonald’s cup, through a McDonald’s straw. Directly from a 1 liter bottle, without a straw. From a 1 liter bottle, through a McDonald’s straw. Poured into glasses with ice, with or without a straw.

McDonald’s Fountain Diet Coke was the best, but McDonald’s drinking from a 1-liter bottle with a straw was a close second. a bit Warmer and therefore not as reinforcement.

The Diet Coke I poured into my glass was awful, almost completely flat tasting. Opening a bottle (or can) of a soda releases pressure and carbon dioxide, while pouring it into a glass with ice introduces carbon dioxide. nucleation site, releases carbon dioxide from the liquid into the air, producing carbon dioxide. This is why soda foams so hard when you pour it, and why I never ask for a glass with a can of Diet Coke. Even the widest straw can’t make a nearly flat soda. If there are no bubbles, it doesn’t matter how many bubbles fit.

what should be done?

While it’s impossible to recreate McDonald’s Diet Coke delivery system at home, there are a few things you can learn from the fast food giants.

Store Diet Coke in the coldest place in the refrigerator or place it in an ice bath (like champagne) before serving to keep it as cold (not frozen) as possible. You should also avoid moving. Therefore, we recommend avoiding large bottles (such as 1 or 2 liters) and cans (such as Tallboys) completely. Not only does it often need to be poured into a secondary container, it loses its carbonation each time it is opened.

senior life hacker Health Editor Beth Squalecki, (fellow Diet Coke head) likes “especially the 500ml bottle” so he can “leave the cap on and keep the fizz”. Also, I tend to go for standard cans. This is because the aluminum cools down in the drink. Drink it fast enough so that the last drop remains carbonated.

When choosing a fountain drink, know that not all machines mix and dispense soda in a standardized way.In the words of Lifehacker Senior Tech Editor Jake Peterson said: Baaaaa.

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing an extra straw at the drive-thru. You can’t save a flat cup of soda, intention Whether you’re drinking from a can, a plastic 20 oz, or a fancy glass bottle, you’ll get more fizz on your tongue (if you need it).

This is the best way to drink Diet Coke

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