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This is how you fix a nasty summer ice cream cone

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Perhaps you noticed that I was idea When Write about Ice cream is terrible.I need a cold treat on a hot day, but I’m in the Pacific Northwest Residents) Still lacking consistent access to the sun, I think it’sSomewhere hot, I know it’s enough..

I’m not the only one.Bab-of brunchwithbabs Fame — I’m also thinking about ice cream. She has at least two great ice cream related ideas, both of which help distribute and enjoy ice cream cones.

The first is an ice cream cone preparation hack. Bab arranges (cheap) cupcake liners in a muffin tin, scoops ice cream into those liners, and puts everything in the freezer. A small scoop sits until serving time. To serve, Babs attaches an inverted cone to each mound of ice cream, then strips the cupcake liner from the top.

The second little hack reduces confusion. The bab pushes the chocolate-like mini marshmallow on the bottom of the drumstick into the cone (before flipping). Block leaks and make things many It was neat.

The third hack (Babs didn’t mention it, but I was able to time it with a very sharp eye) included sprinkles scattered on the cupcake liner before adding the ice cream. Those scoops come out pre-sprinkled and the sprinkles are frozen in ice cream.Stay on the way to your mouth. (Try it with peanuts in a drumstick atmosphere.)

Ice cream aside, that’s it. “It’s worth noting that Bab is a good follower overall And other great hack, recipeAnd advice not related to ice cream Herbicide hack I’m looking forward to trying it out this week. (It may not be very sunny in Oregon, but it rains a lot and weeds grow.)

This is how you fix a nasty summer ice cream cone

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