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This is how you deal with road rage

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When someone has the wrath of the road, everyone loses, including their fellow drivers. It can be painful to see (and probably hear) someone so angry, not knowing how far someone will take it.

So what can you do to stay both safe and calm when a nearby driver spirals? Here’s what you need to know:

Unobtrusive if possible

Being caught up in slow-moving traffic or traffic jams while stopped may have caused this person’s road anger. In that case, you may not be able to keep a distance from them. But if you are near (or target) someone who has the wrath of the road, Opportunity to turn down another street And run away from them and do it.

Set your pride aside

When someone engages you in an aggressive and / or rude way, it’s easy to crouch down to their level and adapt to their actions. But even if they are wrong It’s not time now Pull up next to them, challenge at speed, react to gestures, Something else that could be even more hostile to them.

Do not make eye contact

avoid Make eye contact With a furious driver. This can escalate situations that are already tense and lead to conflicts. Just grab the steering wheel and look at the road.

Empathize with the driver

People who experience road anger usually experience other things in their lives in addition to what happened (or think they happened) on the road.So a clinical psychologist Lakeasha Sullivan, PhD He says it’s best to approach the situation with empathy for other drivers.

“Assuming this person’s anger is contextual and does not indicate a personality flaw.” Sullivan talks to driving.. “Under anger, there is usually sadness. So imagine that they just received some of the worst news in their lives and don’t know how to deal with it. With the best wishes for them. Please proceed. “

This is how you deal with road rage

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