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This is how often you really need to wash your swimsuit

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When you return to the lake or the chlorinated pool, And sea salt water, may you wonder how often you really need to wash your swimsuit? (Quick Answer: Probably more often than you think.) To save time, and you don’t want it to fade at the bottom of your obstacles, you simply dry your suit every time you wear it. You may want to dry it. It’s sometimes okay. OBut that’s Not recommended. The frequency of washing a suit to extend its life is as follows:

Frequency of washing swimwear (if wet)

Swimsuits worn for swimming should be washed more often than swimsuits worn leisurely by the pool.Chlorine water can be the cause Fabric shredder, fading, And elastic fracture.. You can also turn the white suit yellow.Salt watern’It’s as damaging as chlorine, but it can still fade over time.So It’s best to wash your suit every time you swim.

Even if you can’t wash it right away I want to start by getting rid of the harsh chemical suit (ie) if that’s it’You’ll be sitting in a gym bag for a while), you can put it in a Ziploc bag of lukewarm water for a low maintenance rinse.

Swim in fresh water, favorite lake, You only need to wash the river, or non-chlorinated water (everyone who inflates a child’s pool and fills it with a garden hose knows I’m talking) every three times.5th place.

How often to wash (if not wet)

If the suit doesn’t get wet and you just wear it Simply put, you can be more generous about your washing frequency —Every 3-5 clothes as if you were fresh Non-chlorinated water.. However, this will change if you wear the suit for a long time. “Wearing a swimsuit underwater for a long time is like wearing underwear.” Dr. Lucky SekonA board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist said Well + good.. “Sweat buildup, vaginal discharge after prolonged wear outside of water, should be washed while dry, before re-wearing the swimsuit. Otherwise, this is skin irritation or non-skin. It can lead to pleasure. “

You hDo you wash Machine wash Your swimsuit?

Hand-washing your swimsuit in warm water with a mild detergent Prefered to be More gently Fiber and minimization Stretching the fabric. (Stirring from the washing machine is strong against fabrics, straps and stretch.) However, cleaning expert Jolie Kerr said: JezebelHand washing is best, but “The washing machine in the cold is also A-OK. I’m a realist. But getting one of them is not a bad idea. Mesh zippy bag.. This will prevent the suit from getting entangled with other clothes and stretching. Use a delicate cycle when washing with a machine. Also, cThere are several swimwear companies that make suits, so one label Machine-friendly fabric..

How to dry a swimsuit

Putting the swimsuit in the dryer is flat out no no like tHis heat can curl the fabric and permanently change its elasticity and fit.The best way to dry is to roll Rather than putting the suit in a dry towel and pushing out the water, squeezing or twisting the dough can cause it to lose its shape. Let it dry.

This is how often you really need to wash your swimsuit

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