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This is how much water you pack when you go to the beach

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If you’re heading to the beach, you’re probably going to do (books, some sand toys for kids) and what to eat ( The best beach sandwich, of course). But did you remember what to drink? If you’re like most of us, you probably didn’t have enough water.

Hydration is overrated in everyday life. As long as normal fluid intake is sufficient and you drink something when you are thirsty, you do not need a “drink water” reminder. However, it is important to bring a sufficient amount when packing for hiking trips, beach days, or other outdoor adventures with limited replenishment opportunities.

Method Calculate the amount of water needed

There isn’t much scientific research on the amount of water our bodies need when relaxing on the beach, but there are calculations on the amount of people needed when exercising, hiking, or camping, and they give us guidelines. Give.

For “moderate” activities at “moderate” temperatures, REI recommends 0.5 liters per person per hour. A typical beach day is hotter than “moderate” temperatures, but you don’t necessarily do a lot of exercise. 0.5 liters is the size of a disposable water bottle, so imagine 12 people spending 6 hours on the beach with two people. , Or spend 3 hours with 4 people. (Of course, reusable bottles would be more environmentally friendly. This is just an example for visualization.)

However, you will need more on hot days. We lose water by sweating (and a little more by breathing), so the more we sweat, the more water we need. A A more generous rule of thumb I think hikers need to bring 1 liter Per hour (2 disposable bottles).

Which rule should I use? It’s a call for judgment. If you’re always thirsty at the end of a day at the beach, bring more than you need.

Are other liquids important?

Good news: Yes! Water is the easiest way to rehydrate, but other hydrations are also important. Sodas, fruit drinks, juices, lemonades, and even watery foods such as popsicles and watermelons supply water to our bodies. This includes caffeine beverages.They are Not as dehydrated as I’ve heard..

But I exclude alcohol from the tally.Alcohol is really dehydrating, and You will want to serve water and drinks alternately Anyway, the day I’m drinking.Fill with the recommended amount of water In addition to The beer or cocktail you plan to drink.

This is how much water you pack when you go to the beach

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