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This free app alerts you whenever Google collects your browsing data

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How often do you guess Google collects your browsing data? W.Tech giants use search, sign in to apps, or zone out However, you may be surprised to learn that almost all clicks and keystrokes are sent to Google (which may not be the case given the company’s reputation) (at least on certain websites).). If you’re using Google apps or chromium.

If that sounds too far, even for Google, You can check for yourself using a new free app called GoogleTeller. From developer Bert Hubert.

GoogleTeller makes a short beep every time data is sent to one of Google’s public IP addresses.of App only works on Linux desktop But Hubert posted a demo video of the software so you can see the results yourself.

The little beep you hear isn’t Hubert’s keyboard or mouse. This is GoogleTeller, which logs all connections to Google’s servers.Nearly constant beeping on humble Dutch government site – a country with strict data tracking lawss than U.S.— shows how aggressive the company’s tracking really is.Imagine the sound when using Google Search in Chrome, or worse, on a Pixel phone or Chromebook.

GoogleTeller’s current Linux exclusivity means Windows and Mac users can’t see Google’s tracking directly, but the key points are still useful. Google is many your data. a many. You don’t necessarily need an app to tell you that, but you may still know the results gloomy enlightenment.

Does this mean your privacy is at risk? Google primarily uses that data to diagnose bugs, It is likely that we will improve our services and earn revenue from our advertising partners. Advertising practices are Such aggressive pursuit is invasive, but the real problem is External threats that can intercept and leak user data if not properly protected. Companies that collect user data.

The good news is that you can In many cases Escape from Google trackers. there is also a browser When browser extension It has stronger privacy controls that block both Google and other apps.another one from Eavesdrop on browsing data. Google Accounts also have user controls. Limit what you share with Google and automaticallydelete the data it will save you.Obviously, the only infallible The way to avoid Google trackers is to delete your Google account and stop using the company product Overall.


This free app alerts you whenever Google collects your browsing data

Source link This free app alerts you whenever Google collects your browsing data

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