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This cucumber gimlet is a weekend essential

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Mother o if necessaryf invention, then capitalism seems to be the father 0f excess. The number of skin care lines, podcasts, and craftsmanship gin that the world needs is subjective and controversial, but the dominant motivation for modern inventions is to create problems (sell solutions). To create a cheaper (or more expensive) alternative to what already exists, or create your own version of something, why?

Why take the world of your barbecue sauce recipes when you can bottle it and sell it?Why not sell the crochet “Live, Laugh, Love”?Etsy coasters? No niche is too niche!Creativity is at the center of the Venn diagram of mother’s invention and father’s capitalism.Do not obey morality —It is a chaotic, neutral force, the basis of being, capable of producing fear, awe, and everything in between equally.And while in this line of thought, I want Tell us about the cucumber gimlet. And hopefully convince you to make it.

Most of you are probably familiar with Gimlet: gin and lime juice. Amount of Gin, Amount of Lime Juice, Type of Gin, Type of Gin-These are variables of your own deduction, but most famous and historically, Gimlet is Rose Lime Juice and Navy Strength Gin (57% modern). Marketing term for the above alcohol proof). At some point, navy-strength gin was replaced by regular gin, gin was pulled up, and fresh lime juice and sugar were considered acceptable (if not excellent) in place of rose.

However, some of the delicious couplings are even more refreshing than the drink itself. A beautiful example of an invention that creates a need.

You are an 18th century sailor and scurvy (problem) is really disappointing that you need to be able to treat (need).. Fortunately, you know that Vitamin C works, but unfortunately citrus doesn’t hold as long as you need it (problem), so you need to find a way to save it. There is (necessity). Ultimately, you’ll find that lime is the most stable and can be preserved for a long time with a little rum. Unfortunately, lime juice medicine isn’t enough rum to make it palatable to seafarers (problem / need, you’ve ever understood the idea). They are Kriske sailors and don’t worry about scurvy —So when you mix it with overproof gin, everyone is happy, or at least not scurvy. Eventually, Reese’s ship Chandler realized that it was even better to store lime juice in sugar and patented his concentrated juice, called Rose’s lime juice. And Gimlet is born.

The cucumber gimlet I made last night wasn’t as complicated and life-saving as the OG, but it helped solve the problem of running out of the last part of the cucumber suffering in the fridge and the need for a drink. I did. It’s exactly the kind of cocktail I love. By adding one accessible material, a simple classic has been transformed. Unlike heaven, I don’t want to bottle and sell it myself, so why not try making it at home?

Cucumber gimlet

  • 4 slices of cucumber
  • 2 ounces of gin
  • 1 ounce of fresh lime juice
  • Simple 3/4 ounce

Place slices of cucumber in tin and muddy (optional if the slices are thin enough). Add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker, add ice and shake vigorously for 12-16 seconds. Sprinkle on a chilled coupe and decorate with slices of cucumber (this is also an option, but very clean).

This cucumber gimlet is a weekend essential

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