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This Chrome extension helps reduce the amount of work

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We often write about productivity and Well, life hack with Lifehacker.Method Hack your spaceyours iPhoneyours resume And next Job interview,you too Dishwasher detergent Create more storage, more features, more opportunities, more cleanliness. But what if you don’t need to create it? Is there less stress, less deadline pressure, less work to do?When we reach the very limit with a professional pursuit of purpose and money (and the domestic pursuit of a Pinterest-worthy organization), all we really need to do is unplug. Doesn’t work at all?? Getting away from work can be difficult, so there are Chrome extensions that can help you do that. Productivity blocker..

Are you a productivity blocker? joke?

a little. But it’s not perfect. What started as a parody of “our society” and “always on” hustle culture,According to copywriter and co-author Steve Nass, there is a legitimate feature to block over 80 sites that Nass and co-author Kory Brocious consider to be “productive.” This includes Slack, Fiverr, Duolingo, LinkedIn, And Dropbox. “I thought it would be interesting to do the opposite because there are so many Chrome extensions that can help you to give in and get things done,” says Nass.

surely, Over 100,000 Chrome extensions Available, most of them schedule meetings faster, find contact information, enclose out-of-control browser tabs, and “Streamline outreach within Gmail“(In any sense). It’s not always easy to get yourself out of the program from the American” living and working “spirit. It shows that we must constantly strive, prove and move forward. (See Beautifying the hashtag #Riseandgrind.)

How does a productivity blocker work?

So why not enjoy what hacks our downtime, along with thousands of Chrome extensions designed to hack our work life? With the productivity blocker enabled, every attempt to access a “productive” site where you can do the actual work, Custom block page, Decorated with a message. It seems that he tried productivity during his scheduled leisure time. Carefully read the recreational link suites below. ” (Link Give it an attractive and meaningless title, such as: Trampoline shopping, Instant underpants, When List of animals with human qualifications.. )

“By the way, we encourage you to send us the productive websites you missed.” Eggplant add.. “We will gladly block them, that too. “

How to get the ProductivityBlocker extension

Productivity blocker is free to download From the websiteOr from Chrome Web Store.. (click Added to Chrome, added extensions.. After downloading, you can easily turn the extension on and off by clicking on the productivity blocker icon in your browser. According to Nass, “When you install the Chrome extension, it’s initially turned off, so you can always turn it on when you’re ready.” Currently only available on laptops / desktops, but the author said. It states that it may create a smartphone version in the future.

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This Chrome extension helps reduce the amount of work

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