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This browser can use Chrome and Firefox extensions at the same time

Image of article titled This browser can use Chrome and Firefox extensions at the same time This browser can use Chrome and Firefox extensions at the same time

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If you have a Mac iPhone, or iPad If you’re looking for something new from your web browser, you should check Orion. With the new browser, you can run both Google Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons, claiming not to sacrifice privacy. Orion is WebKit, the browser engine used by Safari on the Mac, and everything. iPhone browser.

Orion has just entered the public beta, so it still has some rough edges, but overall it seems like a promising alternative to try right now.Not all extensions work in Orion, but the most popular extensions are: uBlock Origin, Dark Reader, and Sponsor block, It works perfectly.

To install your browser, go to the following URL: Orion website.. ((((Please note that iOS and iPad OS versions of Orion must be installed via Apple TestFlight The app as it is still in beta. ) According to our tests, the Mac version of Orion seems to be much more stable than the iOS version.

How to install an extension on Orion

Orion does not require you to create an account to install the extension.You can access the official page of Chrome extension Also Firefox add-onFind the extension and click Added to Orion Install it.These steps are the same for the mobile version..

Some extensions like 1Password browser extension,n’1Password hasn’t approved it yet, so it works with Orion.yetCan be used Universal autofill function of 1Password8 To make it work..Can be used uBlock Origin It can also be used with Orion, but developers are advised to first disable Orion’s own content blocker.Unning the two at the same time can lead to conflicts and corrupt your website..

How fast is it Orion?

Use too Many extensions at the same time Slow Orion down.. If you’re using an older MacBook like me, you’ll see that the browser (and the entire computer) crawls when you open 10 to 20 tabs with too many extensions to install. of course, that The problem applies to all browsers, it’s something to keep in mind..

Other useful Orion features

Installing extensions is great, but Orion has some other interesting features as well. The first is the ability to move the list of open tabs as a vertical view to the left sidebar. This makes it easy to find the tab you are looking for. This feature works on iPhone and Mac. If you’re reading an article and open a link in a new tab, a nested tab will be added to the tab sidebar.Great way to group tabs If you hoard tabs.

Orion asks you to select a default search engine when you launch your browser. It supports almost any search engine you might use.The developer also wrote his own search engine called Kagi, but the browser doesn’t force you to use a specific search. The default is the engine.

If you’re using Orion on your MacBook, use low power mode to save battery power. Orion Pauses inactive tabs in the browser. The Mac version can also override the copy-and-paste blocks implemented on some websites, especially bank websites.

what’■ Orion’s business model?

Whenever I see a new app, the first question that comes to my mind is whether it’s good for privacy. Orion, like all apps, claims to be safe and private.To back them up Claim, Orion To tell Telemetry not included It also comes with a content blocker that stops the browser fingerprinting apart from advertising and tracking.

At the moment, the company says that The income depends on the community. If you want browser support, you can get an Orion + subscription for $ 5 per month. This allows for new icons, early access to future builds of the browser, and communication with developers.

Orion should also be aware that iCloud Sync is used to sync tabs, history and settings across devices.You can disable this if you wantHowever, it is enabled by default.

This browser can use Chrome and Firefox extensions at the same time

Source link This browser can use Chrome and Firefox extensions at the same time

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