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This AI will draw everything you instruct

The image in this article titled AI will draw whatever you say that draws whatever you say

The technique is great, but to be honest: SSometimes it gets a little boring. Computers and smartphones change year by year, software switches to subscriptions, and innovation is generally less common. But sometimes, new technology developments are actually amazing and exciting. That’s what I feel about this new AI. This new AI draws almost anything you throw.

Software is called DALL ・ E2, Developed by OpenAI. It uses machine learning to generate new images based on the user’s text description provider. You can see an example of how this works on the website: TDevelopers can combine different themes, actions, and settings to see how DALL E2 produces different images from those descriptions.

For example, “Astronaut Riding a Horse in a Photorealistic Style” produces exactly that image and produces various “photos” of the astronaut riding a horse that looks like a promotional photo on MTV. .. Replacing “realistic style” with “pencil drawing” suddenly makes multiple sketches of the astronaut appear to be on their horses, but in reality no one is drawing anything.It is entirely generated by AI.

However, it goes far beyond these impressive tech demos. From the tests I’ve seen, the AI ​​can accept the most detailed requests and generate images that you might see hanging in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Miserablector KarenX Chang unveiled thisWhen I first asked DALL E2 to draw a girl climbing the infinite stairs, it was easy. Next, I asked DALL E 2 to draw a girl climbing an infinite stairs in a cloud of cookies. simply..

Mechanism of DALL / E2

The project really started in January 2021 DALL ・ E.. The goal was to create a program that could generate a new image from text, the same as DALL E2. Since then, OpenAI has come up with ways to significantly improve image quality and reintroduced the software as DALL E2.

DALL E2 developers train their systems with labeled images. DALL E2 may see thousands of images of cars labeled “cars”, houses labeled “houses”, coffee labeled “coffee” and more. Use a database of knowledge to generate the best guesses about what you are looking for. With enough training to understand each part of the description, you’ll get a very accurate image of something you’ve never seen before, such as a “monkey wearing a weird hat and paying taxes.”

Many machine learning programs work this way, but one difference from DALL E 2 is that they can “fill in the blanks,” as OpenAI says. Basically, DALL E 2 looks at the text description and thinks about the context it didn’t provide. If you’re looking for a “dog playing basketball outside,” you’re supposed to mean a basketball court around the park. In other words, you should see trees, grass, the sky, and so on.

Nonetheless, the DALL E 2 team has openly acknowledged that there are gaps in the knowledge of the system, which can lead to some interesting and insightful discoveries. If the system is not trained in “howler monkeys”, asking them to draw “howler monkeys” may display an image of a screaming monkey instead of the particular type of monkey you are looking for.

The image in this article titled AI will draw whatever you say that draws whatever you say

DALL / E2 applications are not limited to new image generation. You can use this tool as an AI-powered photo editor, remove unwanted image elements, and add new components that didn’t exist in the first place. You can also generate a new image based on an existing image.If you need to paint the Mona Lisa, but you can’t, DALL E2 will make it look like you can.

The developers of DALL E 2 are keen to keep DALL E 2 away from misuse, such as generating images based on hatred and violence. As a result, the team opened the software to a limited pool of “trusted testers”, but eventually invited more people to test the DALL E2 themselves.

That said, there is no clear timeline in that regard, and there are not many explanations for why making a “trustworthy tester”.If you are interested, it seems worth it Sign up for the DALL / E2 waiting list now (I signed up when I wrote this work). If you meet the OpenAI criteria, you may be asked to test DALL E2 yourself.

This AI will draw everything you instruct

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