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These US cities are the safest from natural disasters

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Paying attention to the news cycle isn’t particularly good for your mental health. Natural disasters. Catastrophic events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires make everyone feel helpless and vulnerable. You can do it take measures prepare your property Tape all necessary windows —if you want a hurricane drop a tree on the roofThere is nothing you can do about this.

N.Nature never seems to stop serving epic storms, millennial floods and constant fires. conduct you have? debtpay attention to you can Control.andOne of the variables that can be shifted in the natural disaster equation is Where you live The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Risk Index Map This indicates the danger of natural disasters in all regions of the country. This is a great starting point if you don’t want to be rescued from rooftops by helicopter.your Never risk disaster zero, But these 10 people safest usa mobile city.

Syracuse, New York

If you can withstand a brisk winter and danger Blizzard, Syracuse is one of the safest places in the United States. Natural disasters. Located quite inland, the city is far away. There are hurricanes, and it’s not a seismically active place either. Its biggest threat is tornadoes, and believe it or not, FEMA rates this as a “relatively high” concern. Two tornadoes in the Syracuse area in the last 70 yearsOther risks are lightning strikes, high winds and ice storms, all of which are unlikely threatens your entire existence.

Dayton, Ohio

Tornadoes and…hail.Tornadoes are definitely a natural disaster you don’t want to experience, but multiple tornadoes have Hit the Dayton area just a few years ago – still considered one of the safest areas Where to live, for most areas a tornado occurred Fairly small (only four F5 tornadoes in Ohio since 1950), and Ohio not even in the top 10 States at risk of tornadoes.

Salt Lake City, Utah

At altitudes that discourage tornadoes, far from the coast, warm climate, Salt Lake City has completely avoided most natural disaster risks.the surrounding area Avalanche risk is higher, but in cities where the biggest risk is lightning strikes, this is less of a concern.Cold snaps and sudden snowstorms can be a problem, but are usually more inconvenient from disaster.

Spokane, Washington

The main disaster threat in Spokane, Washington is the cold. FEMA ranks it as follows: vIt has a very high risk of cold snaps and a medium score in ice storms.But these events rarely last Long and rarely cause catastrophic damage (“eexpectedAnnualmale” These risks is “vEllie Elwow”).And Spokane is protected from nearly all forms of disaster (in fact, Spokane is zero There is a risk of extreme heat, so if you don’t like sweating, This is where it should be).

bozeman, montana

Bozeman, Montana Scoring low or vEllie ElWow Almost every category of disaster. The greatest threat in the region is avalanche, but still considered rrelatively loh no Urban areas like Bozeman have a lot of problems.it might get cold thereof course, but good luck as you won’t be buried in a ton of snow or forced out of your home by floods or fires. down in winter With relatively little worry.

Charlotte, North Carolina

The biggest risks in Charlotte are tornadoes and lightning.relativelyHighly rated by FEMA in the region.However, storm activity is fairly mild Charlotte Due to its geographical position between lakes and rivers that tend to slow down Approaching storm system.Despite being surrounded by water, Charlotte only gets arrelatively mThe flooding risk score is also moderate.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hennepin County, Minnesota, has a high tornado risk score, but Hennepin County is huge, Minneapolis is a notable exception.Tornado is Relatively rare in the city. We’re seeing very cold weather and lots of snow, but it’s snowing in areas that are accustomed to it. Emergencies of more than one day are rare. The chances of Minneapolis experiencing a flood, hurricane, wildfire, or earthquake are all very low.

Boulder, Colorado

The high altitude of the boulders might take your jogging down a notch, but their height and the surrounding mountain range dampen the storm system and Tornadoes are almost impossible. In fact, FEMA gave the region a “high” risk rating of exactly zero, deeming cold snaps and avalanches two of the biggest concerns, although the latter applies more to greenfield areas. out of town.

Allentown, Pennsylvania

The biggest risk in Allentown, according to FEMA, is winter weather.relativelyOh.Also provides Allentown arrelatively mA moderate score in a tornado, but when a tornado hits, They tend to do less damage. In short, if you can withstand harsh winters and don’t mind shoveling snow, you can sleep in every night without worrying about dealing with a natural disaster of real scale.


Detroit and its surrounding areas may not be ideal in terms of economic performance, but they are doing much better when it comes to natural disasters.Detroit has had several powerful storms over the years, with FEMA calling a tornadorelativelyVery threatening, but generally speaking: your biggest worry Detroit is cold I have experience dealing with it.

These US cities are the safest from natural disasters

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