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These things don’t really make you “bad” in meditation

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Last week I shared my experience How to benefit from meditationI think I’m not very good at it. But what makes someone “bad” in meditation? many A person trying to meditate It feels like they have failed. Many “failures” in meditation are actually perfectly normal and part of the process. They are just “problems” because we all have such a misunderstanding about what meditation should be. When searching for meditation online, the image results are more discouraging than exciting. For example, I rarely sit cross-legged by a quiet lake at sunrise. Tragically.

This is a common problem people face when trying Enter meditationAnd why these things aren’t actually I am not good at meditation.

Think about work and family during meditation

The biggest myth about meditation is that you can magically turn your mind into a non-distracting zone.In fact, meditation doesn’t have to be you think none.. It’s about paying attention to the ideas that actually occur. Anxiety about everyday life comes to my mind. Sit down and witness them completely, rather than trying to expel them completely.

Feel impatient or suspicious

To be honest. I’m usually skeptical of things like meditation. “Is this working?” When “No, this is not workingIt bothers me every time I sit down to practice mindfulness. These feelings of suspicion, impatience, and frustration are perfectly fine as long as you work on them. Attempting to push them away defeats the purpose of meditation. There is nothing wrong with what you think and feel during meditation. The important thing is to learn how to sit down on these ideas, embrace them, and handle them as completely as possible.

I go to sleep

At the beginning of the guided meditation video, the instructor will let you know that it’s perfectly okay to fall asleep.

Still, dozing can get in the way of your mindfulness goals. If you take a nap on a regular basis every time you try to observe your thoughts Consider sitting upright or meditating at another more careful time.

Have a bad session

Meditation is more like training than a simple solution. Look at meditation as a muscle. It may not work at first, because you haven’t worked yet. Even bad sessions are useful as long as you keep returning to it.

Take out

There is no such thing as “perfect” meditation. The only thing that makes me bad at meditation is to give up quickly. In fact, the worse the meditation, the more you need to gain by practicing it.

And if it’s not really for you, don’t sweat-consider these Alternative to meditation Instead.

These things don’t really make you “bad” in meditation

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