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These things are blocking the Wifi signal in your home

An image of an article titled These things are blocking the Wifi signal in your home These things are blocking the Wifi signal in your home

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Wi-Fi at home is a lifeline to the Internet and thus a connection to the world. Internet companies these days expect fast and constant speeds for watching 4K streaming and playing games online with friends. However, there are many obstacles around the house that can interfere with peak Wi-Fi performance.

How Wi-Fi interacts with space

To understand how a particular object or material blocks and weakens wifi, it’s important to know what wifi really is. In short, wifi is not the internet itself: RRather, it is the radio waves that allow the device to communicate with the router, which connects to the Internet.

Radio waves such as Wi-Fi can pass through physical objects. Otherwise, wifi is not an effective or efficient way to connect to the internet. If Wi-Fi was just like light, it would be brightly lit until it hits a solid surface.I know I can connect to Wi-Fi from another room in my house, but I can’t see any light under the water.

Wi-Fi can reach the device through physical objects, but not at full strength. If Wi-Fi hits the interference, it will decrease.Depending on the object that hits, the impact can be minimized Or it is influential. This is the difference between reaching advertised internet speeds and experiencing painfully slow, poor quality signals.

Your home may be in the way

If your Wi-Fi is slow, it could be due to the house itself. When Wi-Fi signals are about to reach through concrete walls and floors, steel studs, or other types of heavy objects, it’s difficult to reach their full potential. Wi-Fi and metal don’t mix particularly well, so any kind of metal on the wall or floor can block or degrade the signal out of reach.

Wood and drywall, on the other hand, aren’t particularly effective against Wi-Fi, making them ideal for spreading Wi-Fi signals throughout your home. Even if your router is hidden behind another room or closet, it may take enough time to pass through these types of materials if you get good Wi-Fi speeds.

Of course, no one builds a house to maximize the speed of the internet.You need to live with the card you were dealt in this situation: IIf the walls are full of metal, or if the house is built using concrete or cinder blocks, there is not much you can do to fix it.Therefore, the placement of the router It’s very important. The fewer obstacles between your device and your router, the better.

In many cases, the appliance does not support Wi-Fi

Most electronic devices can be used with wifi, but after all, anything that connects to wifi is, by definition, an electronic device. Some are just Wi-Fi killer. Consider a kitchen that is not only a space where many people use the internet, but is often near or directly connected to other internet-intensive rooms. Kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens are large metal boxes and do not prioritize Wi-Fi signals. Needless to say, microwaves emit not only solid metal boxes, but also their own interference waves.

Other appliances Also influential: Washers and dryers in different parts of your home (sometimes even in the kitchen!) Are criminals. If your signal is passing through these rooms to reach you, it may be having a tough time.

Think about the thin metal obstacles in your home

Two big criminals you might not be thinking about? TV and mirror. Flat-panel TVs are actually thin metal sheets, ready to block Wi-Fi signals from surrounding objects. If you’re using a game console or smart device to connect to the Internet from your TV, you’ll see how that matters.

Mirrors aren’t good news either. It is also made of metal and can degrade the signal.I happen to have a mirror Directly Placement next to my TV that I might reconsider soon.. ..

Old technology may be in the way

This is a long shot, but hey, that could be the case for you.Although modern technology is designed no Older techniques weren’t a very positive idea to ruin your wifi signal. In particular, past Bluetooth devices can interfere with Wi-Fi and compromise signal stability. If you have your old Bluetooth device around your living room, consider moving it away from the one you’re trying to use the Internet with.

What you can do to avoid blocking your home wifi

Now that you’ve noticed an object in your house that can block or endanger your Wi-Fi signal, you may be wondering how you can improve it.We discussed how you can Boost your router “s speed and performanceBecause there are many steps and tricks to help make your wifi better.

But above all, there is one hint. Take it from this article. PString the router somewhere open. Not everything in the house degrades the wifi signal abruptly, but it’s best to limit all obstacles from routers to devices.Placing the router as wide as possible the The best steps to take here.

Not all settings are the same: WSome of us have the flexibility to place a router on the table in the living room, while others are connected to where the internet access point is. For example, mine is fixed in the bedroom closet, so there’s not much you can do other than running an Ethernet extension throughout the house (a little fun weekend project idea).

However, in previous locations, the living room had an access point, giving you the flexibility to place your router in a more open position. It was easy to connect to the internet from the living room or kitchen as nothing got in the way. If you have the ability, live according to this philosophy when working in your own internet setting.

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These things are blocking the Wifi signal in your home

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