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These snakes are really perfect for your garden

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Snakes often get bad laps, and sometimes there are good reasons — tThere are many here Venomous snakes that are dangerous to North American pets and people Rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, cottonmouths, etc... Despite their reputation, however There is Many species of snakes that are not dangerous at all and can actually be produced Your help A garden with pest control.If you live in an area where these snakes thriveWhen fighting anything from slugs to mice, they may be some of your best friends. In addition to keeping rodents close to vegetables, snakes help keep host animals in check, so you can also rely on fighting mites that carry Lyme disease.


garterNakes are the most famous and most prolific of the friendly snakes of North America and feed on insects, slugs, and rodents that destroy their roots.They are harmless to humans and most pets (but yours Pet frogs, lizards and hamsters are away from them). They are aquatic and enjoy eating frogs, fish, eggs, and tIt can be adapted to a variety of environments and is easy to attract.

Gopher sNake

The unsung hero of the snake family is the gopher snake. As their name suggests, they eat small rodents, Including gophers, Helps keep pests that are attracted to huts, garages, or American lawns away. Finding one of these handsome reptiles near you means you are getting a lot of free pest control. It may be easily confused with a rattlesnake, but it has no brightly colored stripes around its tail and is harmless to humans and pets.


Kingsnakes are a beautiful and tough snake ally in the rattlesnake area. They are some of the strongest contractiles compared to their body size —And they eat rattlesnakes.They are not toxic It is not affected by the poison of other snakes, so it is ideal for keeping dangerous snakes away. There are five Various species of this heroic reptile in North America, and they can range from stealth black to bright stripes pattern. The striped version of the kingsnake is often confused with the toxic coral snake, but the way to tell the difference is to see if the yellow and red bands are separated by wide black stripes. is. If so, You have a kingsnake. If not, It is a coral snake.

Method (safely) Attract Snake

To encourage the existence of tThese useful snakes,Disable using pesticides, lBe careful For them Before cutting the grass. CTry to hide in places such as rocks and tall grass. Leaving some fallen leaves and uncut areas will help you create them. a Friendly habitat for them.. Garter snakes also like water, so if you have water in your yard, you can feed on more prey.

I rememberIf you see a snake, You shouldn’t get close to it, and you should Be careful when planning to attract snakes to your yard. If you live in an area where venomous snakes are common Talk to your local Fish and Wildlife Service, Audubon Society, or a university extension to avoid accidentally pushing dangerous snakes into your yard.

These snakes are really perfect for your garden

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