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These new iOS 16 features will not be available on launch day

Image from the article titled All the New iOS 16 Features You Can't Use Yet

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After months of testing iOS16 Finally went out into the field today As a stable public release.full of welcome new (or What’s new on iPhone) features like customizable lock screen Widget and ability to Editing and canceling iMessages.Bwood Not all features are ready on launch day.

this is not actually especially Strange for Apple, which has a history of rolling out new features over time.They announce a lot of new bells and whistles Weigh Them At WWDC throughout the year. This time around, some heavy server-based features still need time in the oven, like the new Shared iCloud Library.I can only hope that they will be available by then iOS 16.1 rolls around.its update It should launch hopefully in October, along with iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

Until then, here are 5 details Cool new iOS 16 features you can’t use yet.

live activities

Image from the article titled All the New iOS 16 Features You Can't Use Yet

image: apple

After installing iOS 16, some of the new lock screen experiences will disappear on your iPhone. live activities display in real time Up-to-date information on what’s happening on your phone.think of them as In a supercharged notification format, you can display something like how far away your Uber ride without unlocking your iPhone.do not have Live activity feature nAlso this is The third party app API is Available until iOS 16.1 update.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

This one teeth disappointing. Apple finally tried to solve the shared photo library problem by allowing up to six people to automatically share some or all of their photos.Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a little longer before we can actually use it setting Shared iCloud Photo Library with family. No specific word on when this will launch. ambiguous time frame of “Upcoming iOS 16 Release

freeform app

freeform is new Apps that are Apple’s shared board vision: An infinite canvas where different users on a FaceTime call can collaborate live. This feature felt so ambitious during Apple’s WWDC that it’s no surprise Apple couldn’t make it work by the time iOS 16 officially released, and iPadOS later this year. It is expected to launch with 16 and macOS Ventura.

Features of Game Center

Apple pushes Game Center even further, its promised new features did not do it Release iOS 16: Game Center’s new Contacts integration is not currently rolling out, nor is the new activity dashboard and profile system rolling out, so you’ll have to wait to see what games your friends are playing and how they’re doing. SharePlay SupportAllowing users to automatically start multiplayer games on Group FaceTime calls is also delayed.

Dealing with projects

Matter is the new standard for smart home devices that work seamlessly across multiple ecosystems, so don’t just look for HomeKit certified devices. While this is a great move for the entire smart home ecosystem, Apple has no plans to add support for Matter in iOS 16. tvOS 16 until later this year.


These new iOS 16 features will not be available on launch day

Source link These new iOS 16 features will not be available on launch day

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