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These Mac Tips Will Speed ​​Up Everyday Tasks

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Computers make everything faster (that’s the point). But your Mac can be fast no matter what you throw at it, but here’s how. Calculate faster.whether for Work, play, or anything in between, these tips can get you done faster almost any task on your Mac.

Faster homing folders

If you drop a file into a folder, you usually use Pick it up with your cursor, drag it over the folder, then wait for the folder to open. That’s fine, but it feels like it’s taking longer than it should.After all, you can speed up this process significantly Up.

I didn’t know about this trick until I stumbled across it This Reddit thread. in short, bHas entered System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Controllets you change the speed at which folders open when you hover over files. Move the slider next to ‘Spring-loaded delay’ to ‘Short’ and you’ll almost never have to wait.

search is your best friend

Spotlight search may be the most useful feature on your Mac. With it, you can search any file on your computer, open applications, view results from the Internet, solve simple math problems, view dictionary definitions, and much more. I can. I rarely use the Finder because of the convenience of Spotlight.

One of the reasons Spotlight is so useful is its keyboard shortcuts. command + spaceYou can always use this shortcut to access almost anything you need. That makes it an integral part of your Mac workflow (at least for me).

Try Siri in action (results may vary)

Siri may not be the most reliable smart assistant, but it helps when it works. On my Mac, I tend to use it for macOS apps and tasks similar to what I use on my iPhone, like setting reminders, checking the weather, opening apps and files. If you have a microphone icon on your keyboard, press and hold it to launch Siri at any time.If not, your Mac probably defaults to command + space Press and hold to summon Siri.

Of course, as you can tell from the iPhone, Siri isn’t perfect. Asking Siri to set a reminder is often faster than trying to see if it works for you, but it’s certainly time consuming when it fails. With a little perseverance and preparation for failure, Siri can become a useful tool for his everyday Mac work.

Shortcuts aren’t just for iPhones and iPads

Automate any number of tasks on your mobile device with the Shortcuts app for iOS and iPadOSHowever, these same shortcuts are also available on your computer. From the macOS Shortcuts app.

using the shortcut manyinclude Downloading YouTube video, auto-activation low power mode, and automatically come in Split screen when accessing Apps you use often. See our list of other use cases for initial inspirationor browse the shortcut gallery to see what others have found effective.

Download clipboard manager

If You Don’t Have A Clipboard Manager On Your Mac Yet, Get It Yourself Go to the nearest download linkCopy and paste only works for one task for most Mac users At once: Copy something and paste it elsewhere. If you want to paste what you copied before, you have to copy it again.

However, using a clipboard manager will free you up quite a bit. Manager saves a list of copied items for easy access whenever you need it.rely on this feature all time. You can copy multiple items from one page and paste them on another page without having to go back to the original source over and over again. And you can quickly paste items you copied hours or days ago without digging through your search history or other apps.

With macOS, there are plenty of third-party clipboard managers to choose from. Here we list some of our favorites.

download window manager

Similarly, if you don’t have a window manager, get one. They bring the window snapping feature to Mac. same function you do Find it in your Windows OS. That said, macOS is better than it used to be when it comes to window management. Hover over the green button for the window and hold down the Option key to see options to move the window to the left or right side of the display.However, it is not as useful as a dedicated function Windows administration utility can bring

for example, magnet You can use keyboard shortcuts to snap windows to specific parts of your display. You can also drag these windows to specific corners and snap them into place.

Best way to exit and switch apps

macOS Must teeth command + tabThis keyboard shortcut brings up a menu bar with icons for all open apps. Press Tab to move the cursor over the app icon. Hover over the one you want to switch to and let go.You can also move in reverse order by pressing ` instead of tab – it’s I also have the key just above tab a tilde (~) above it.

you can also use this shortcut Immediately Close all open appsPress and hold tab until the cursor hovers over the app you want to quitthen hold command and hit Q..

Use option key

The Option key is macOS’s best-kept secret. Press and hold to access “hidden” menus and features you didn’t know were available. For example, if I hold down Option when clicking the Apple menu in the upper left, I want the option to instantly restart or shutdown my Mac without having to deal with popup windows. first time.Similarly, the menu option to quit the app is[Quit and Keep Windows]and the open windows will be saved the next time you launch the app.

If you want to know about all the best “optional” shortcuts, Check out our guide here.

Fine tune brightness and volume

If you’ve ever found the brightness and volume keys on your Mac to change a lot, there’s an easy way to fine-tune your changes instead.Before pressing the key in question, press and hold option + shiftThese keys tell macOS to change the brightness of your display or keyboard, or the volume in quarter steps instead of full steps, so you can quickly adjust where you feel best.

Browse the internet a little faster

Whether you use Chrome or Safari, you probably have some classic keyboard shortcuts ( Command + T open a new tab). However, a few less-Useful Known Keyboard Shortcuts Move a little faster.

  • command + option + arrow keys: Move from tab to tab.
  • command + 1 to 8: Move the first eight tabs.
  • Command + 9: Move to the last tab.
  • Command + L (Safari only): Highlight the URL bar.

skip trash

If you know you need the file Goneand do not want to deal with emptying trash can, hHighlight the file and press command + option + delete rub it right from your computer.

Install SSD

This tip may apply to a small percentage of Mac users.2022, but it’s essential: If your Mac still uses a physical hard drive, upgrade to an SSD. A spinning disk cannot compete with he SSD in terms of speed. Improve speed and efficiency and extend life For old laptops or iMacs.

If you have an older Mac with an HDD, see Google’s instructions for installing an SSD in your specific device. It’s not too difficult, that intention significantly improve quality of life.

These Mac Tips Will Speed ​​Up Everyday Tasks

Source link These Mac Tips Will Speed ​​Up Everyday Tasks

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