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These Hyundai cars have been recalled for seatbelt parts that could explode

Image of an article titled These Hyundai cars are being recalled for potentially explosive seatbelt parts These Hyundai cars are being recalled with potentially explosive seatbelt parts

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Seat belts basically have one job. It’s about keeping people in the car safe. Normally this means ensuring that the driver and passengers are relatively stationary in the event of a collision, The latest recall from the present ageAdd “Do not explode” to your seatbelt wishlist.

In total, 239,000 vehicles are part of the recall. Here’s what you need to know:

How can a seat belt explode?

Seat belts usually do not come to mind when imagining parts of a car that can explode. So what’s happening here?

According to the notification posted by National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau (NHTSA), recalled vehicle seatbelts were manufactured with “fireworks-type” components that could malfunction in the event of a collision and fire a grenade at the driver and passengers.

The target vehicle is equipped with a driver / passenger fireworks seatbelt pretensioner that can deploy abnormally in the event of a collision. The specific root cause has not yet been identified.

Hyundai is currently investigating the problem. AOn May 24, three people were reported injured in a seatbelt explosion. 2 in the US, 1 in Singapore, Associated Press Report..

Which Hyundai car is part of the recall?

This latest Hyundai recall extends and replaces three of the company’s previous recalls. include:

  • 2019-2022 Accent (total about 61,000 units)
  • 2021-2023 Elantras (about 166,000 units)
  • Elantra HEV from 2021 to 2022 (about 12,000 hybrid electric vehicles)

Even if the Hyundai vehicle has been repaired in one of the previous recalls, the vehicle must be returned to the dealer to fix the seatbelt explosion problem. NHTSA Report..

What to do if you drive one of the recalled vehicles

Hyundai will email the owners of vehicles affected by the recall by July 15 and provide instructions for repairing their seat belts. This includes bringing the car to a dealership. At the dealer, the defective part is fixed with a cap to prevent an explosion.

The fix will be provided free of charge to all affected vehicle owners, whether or not they are covered by Hyundai’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty. According to NHTSA..

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Hyundai Customer Service (1-855-371-9460). See recall number 229 or access the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline (1-888-327-4236). www.nhtsa.gov.

These Hyundai cars have been recalled for seatbelt parts that could explode

Source link These Hyundai cars have been recalled for seatbelt parts that could explode

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