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These habits make you more annoyed

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It’s normal and can be expected to be frustrating at times — when we’re overly tired, when our environment is too big, when we’re sitting in a pinch, or when someone steals an ou.Lightning at work.soThere is nothing we can do to make changes, like traffic jams. Situation — All we can do is consciously adjust the reaction. But there are many things we do every day that affect our mood can Control, and sSome of them Very rooted habits may not even be noticed by us.

Here are some ways you can unknowingly annoy yourself every day and what to do about it.

Don’t go out all day

As a nature lover, it’s hard to admit this: TThere are days when I rarely go out, except for a short step to the bus stop, or to pick up my kid in day care. However, being all day long has a negative effect on your mood.The Lack of natural light confuses our natural circadian clock“Kenneth Wright, director of the Institute for Sleep and Chronobiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, said. time.. To explain this, you need to go out every day if the weather is nice. Ideally 45 minutes in the morning.

Skip lunch

I think you’ve heard this, but bSeriously: HaDid you have breakfast today? How about lunch? Did you eat when you first felt hungry, or did you push it away until the hunger signal hurt?according to the National Council for Mental Welveseing“It is well known that unhealthy dietary patterns can cause mood swings. Often due to fluctuations in blood sugar levels and nutritional imbalances.”

according to WebMD, “When your blood sugar drops, your body tries to raise it. It excretes epinephrine (adrenaline). It’s a” fight or flight “hormone that sweats your heartbeat and palms. .. And it can make you moody and anxious. When it stays there, your body produces the “stress hormone” cortisol. “When you combine adrenaline and cortisol, you get an anxiety recipe.”

If you find that you frequently postpone your meal at work, try setting a timer, attending an accountable, or putting a reminder in your calendar to eat regular snacks before frustration begins. please.

Overreact to our phone

According to a survey conducted in 2015 Deloitte, Americans of all ages checked the phone an average of 46 times a day. (when I heard Reviews.orgThat number is much higher, 344 times a day, checked by 70% of Americans You will receive a call within 5 minutes of receiving the notification. However, all these distractions divert our attention, concentration, and concentration, leading to overwhelming feelings.

As a psychiatrist Dr. Timothy Jader Said Huffington Post“After getting off the rabbit hole, we are distracted and wasted time, which impairs our concentration and productivity, so we seek to distract from frustration, mini frustration The cycle repeats and builds at the end. ”If just putting the rabbit in“ undisturbed ”is not enough to suppress the urge to check all sounds and vibrations, move the smartphone to another room. please leave it.

Read and see emotionally exhausting things before going to bed

Whether it is fate-Scrolling through social media, picking up the spiritual debris of the latest gloomy news of the day, or seeing the latest articles in your favorite true crime series can all be offensive. It doesn’t affect everyone the same, but for some, the anxiety that comes from watching emotionally burdensome TV and reading offensive news articles is what we do. Will stay longer in the time to sleep.

Try limiting your news and social media consumption to 2-3 times a day, or set “No news after 6 days” p.m.Rule (or whenever it takes a few hours for your brain to settle before going to bed).

Drinking too close to bedtime

No, alcohol doesn’t improve your sleep.Although it can cause a feeling of relaxation at first and help you autumn When sleeping, reduce the most resilient REM sleep. “The immediate and short-term effects of alcohol are to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. This effect on the first half of sleep may be part of the reason why people with insomnia use alcohol as a sleep aid. not.” Irshaad Ebrahim says, Medical Director of London Sleep Center. “But this is offset by more disturbed sleep later in the night.”

Being an inhibitor of the central nervous system, it can exacerbate the symptoms of depression. If you want to enjoy an evening cocktail, take it right after work, not before bedtime.

These habits make you more annoyed

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