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These GSuite alternatives are cheaper or free

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G Suite (formerly Google Workspace) has shut down its free plan — yYou can no longer pay for domain names or use Google’s business email for free. This move doesn’t bother large organizations so much, But because they are all already in the paid hierarchy, Small business owners or individuals using GSuite are forced to pay Or look for a free alternative.

Transition to paid GSuite account

For most people, the smoothest migration is to migrate to a paid GSuite account. You don’t have to migrate your data everywhere as long as you can spend at least $ 6 per user per month. At this price, you can use 30 GB of cloud storage, Gmail in your own domain, and hold a video conference with up to 100 participants. If nothing else, you can consider paying for GSuite as a temporary measure until you find a better alternative.

Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft’s Business App Suite is a direct replacement for GSuite.The plan begins with $ 6 per user per monthHowever, if you need both an email app and an Office app on your desktop, it costs about twice as much. Microsoft offers 50GB of space and 1TB of OneDrive storage per inbox. This is over 30GB in GSuite. That said, Microsoft 365 for Business is a fairly expensive product overall. Google Docs, spreadsheets, and other G Suite apps are included in Google’s plans for free, so Microsoft 365 looks much more expensive.

Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace offers most of the features of GSuite at a much lower price. It allows you to use your own domain for email with 5GB of space for free without ads. You can set up an organization in Zoho and invite up to 5 users to this organization for free.Attachments have a 25MB limit, but pricing makes it feel I can bear it.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to G Suite, it’s not much better than this. You can access Zoho Mail Price page Scroll down Eternal free plan.. If you add 5 or more users, the Zoho Mail plan starts at $ 1 per user per month (paid annually). The 50GB inbox plan costs $ 4 per user per month, so it’s cheaper than GSuite or Microsoft 365 for Business.

If you want to use the complete office suite with business email, Zoho Workplace A decent choice. It has email, cloud storage, video meetings, Slack alternatives, and Office apps, with a starting price of $ 3 per user per month.

iCloud +

If your G Suite org consists of one person, consider using a custom domain with iCloud’s email service. The iCloud + plan costs $ 1 per month for up to 50GB of cloud storage. You can also use a custom domain for your email.

iCloud + Do not use this service to manage multiple users in your organization, as is not intended for enterprises. For individuals, you can access both iCloud Email and Apple’s already free office apps. Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc. Document collaboration works well with Apple’s office apps. that too.

That said, it’s best to be aware of iCloud + quirks... Ideally, if you have a non-Apple device in your workflow, you don’t want to use it. Apple’s support for Windows and Android devices is at best unstable.Also, iCloud email Can be repaired, However, there are some complaints about emails not appearing in your inbox and overly aggressive spam filters.


ProtonMail provides end-to-end encryption for email. That is, the content of the email cannot be read by the email service provider. If you’re looking for a more private alternative to G Suite, it’s worth trying ProtonMail’s free tier.

this is Paid plan From about $ 4 a month. It provides 15 GB of capacity, support for your own email domain, and up to 10 email addresses. ProtonMail does not have an office suite built However, if you choose the most expensive plan for about $ 10 a month, you can use a cloud storage service called Proton Drive.

Note that encryption is only valid when you send an e, even if you are using an end-to-end encrypted email service.Mail To others who use a similar level of protection. When you send an email from ProtonMail to a Gmail user, the encryption fails because Gmail doesn’t encrypt the email with that service.


If you’re looking for a Google Docs alternative with better security, CryptPadEnd-to-end encrypted collaboration office suite. The free tier allows you to use up to 1 GB of storage capacity and, along with some other tools, is an alternative to Google Docs and spreadsheets. Unless you plan to store large files here, the free tier should be sufficient for storing large numbers of documents. If you’re ready to start paying, your plan starts at around $ 5 per month with 5GB of storage.

Other emails to replace GSuite

There are some decent options for those who want an email service it’s not Owned by Google. Here’s a quick list of the best options:

  • Fastmail: Get a 30GB inbox that supports custom domains for $ 5 per user per month. This service can use aliases, has no tracking feature, and blocks remote images by default.
  • Hey: Created by the company behind Basecamp, Hey provides a fresh look at email. For custom domains, it’s as high as $ 12 per user per month, but it has the following useful features: Email tracker blocking, better email filtering, and a better email reading experience.
  • Rack space: Plans starting at $ 2.99 per user per month, a cheaper alternative to GSuite.The basic plan provides 25GB of storage in your inbox.

These GSuite alternatives are cheaper or free

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