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These free store loyalty programs are really worth signing up

The images in these articles titled Free Store Loyalty Program are really worth signing up These free store loyalty programs are really worth signing up

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When inflation is doing that nowIt’s not a bad time to pay more attention to your wallet in every aspect of your spending, whether it’s a pharmacy, a grocery store, or any other place to shop. Some stores offer impressive benefits to customers enrolled in the free loyalty program. With special discounts, coupons and access to revenue from purchases, it’s easy to download these apps. Especially when shopping in these places.

Here are some loyalty program recommendations that are worth signing up for:

Best pharmacy loyalty card


If you’ve lived in the United States for the last 60 years, you may have shopped in one of about 10,000 CVS locations. But did you scan the CVS ExtraCare card when you bought that birthday card or Doritos bag? If not, you are missing out on some great perks. The rewards program allows CVS customers to regain 2% on Extra Bucks for all purchases. In addition, on your birthday you will receive an ExtraBucks reward of $ 3 each year and certain items as a special discounted price (Change every week). Download their app and be sure to scan at checkout. You need to save a few dollars here and there.


If you shop at Walgreens (or live in Duane Reade, New York’s metropolitan area), signing up for their loyalty program can save you a lot of change. With the MyWalgreens Rewards Program, customers receive 1% cash rewards for all store purchases, including pharmacies, and 5% rewards for Walgreens branded products. You can also get discounted prices for certain sale items. However, the benefits will expire 12 months after you first get them. Therefore, it is important that your savings are not too long.

Rite Aid

Sign up for RiteAid Rewards, the chain’s loyalty program, and you’ll save a fair amount of cash. Customers can earn points by purchasing (distributed to a 2% reward), filling out a prescription, or obtaining specific immunity at an in-store location (COVID-19 vaccine is unfortunately not applicable). .. Points can be converted to Bonus Cash and redeemed at checkout. The Rite Aid Rewards program can also digitally clip mobile phone coupons via the app and automatically apply discounts when paying at checkout.

Best grocery loyalty card

Safe way

If you shop frequently at Safeway, you should consider enrolling in the Safeway for U Rewards Program. Shoppers earn 1 point for every $ 1 spent on groceries, and 100 points are rewarded. Benefits can be redeemed at the time of purchase in the form of discounted gas or free grocery items or cash discounts. In addition, membership benefits include up to $ 10 worth of birthday giveaways and free monthly items.


If you shop for groceries at Publix, you are in a position to benefit from signing up for their rewards program, Club Publix. Launched in 2020, Club Publix is ​​a free program that rewards shoppers in the form of digital coupons that are automatically applied at checkout and is a free birthday treat each year. Club Publix members also have early access to information such as upcoming sale items and BOGO offers.

Stop & Shop/ /Giant

Two different brand names, one solid loyalty program. If you want to shop on either sister chain, you will need to sign up for a free rewards program. Shoppers can earn 1 point for every $ 1 spent. This can be used for check-out discounts or gas savings (every 100 points can be redeemed for a 10 cents discount per gallon, up to $ 1.50 off per gallon, up to 20 gallons). In addition, scan your membership card at checkout to automatically apply sale transactions and discounts. Points expire one month after you earn them, so you need to keep track of the game to get the most out of this loyalty program.

More store loyalty cards worth exploring


Participating in the Target Circle Rewards Program could further increase your savings at one of America’s largest discount department stores. By signing up, customers can earn 1% perks on every purchase and hundreds of deals on the rotation of eligible items. You can also request a 5% discount birthday gift for a single purchase, valid for 30 days from your birthday. Benefits can be earned through in-store and online purchases. Benefits expire only after one year has passed without purchase.


When it comes to department stores, JCPenney’s rewards program must be close to the top. Shoppers receive a $ 10 reward (1 point per $ 1) for every 200 points they earn and an annual birthday gift. In addition, special offers are available. The current offer is a $ 10 bonus reward for every $ 50 until July 4th. Loyalty program members also have access to special prices for some items.

Office depot

If you frequently participate in office supply games, Office Depot’s loyalty program is really great. Members of the Rewards Program will receive a 2% reward for in-store or online purchases and a special price for certain items. In addition, Rewards Program members can get a discount of at least $ 10 for each recycled cartridge they bring into the store and $ 2 for up to 10 cartridges per month. Finally, members can earn $ 2 by leaving reviews, up to 3 reviews per month. If you spend $ 500 within the first year of your membership, you will be upgraded to the VIP Rewards Program. The program includes 5% rewards for ink, toner, paper and printing services and 2 days free shipping on all orders (excluding holidays). ).

These free store loyalty programs are really worth signing up

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