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These foods are safe to eat past their “best before” date

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Expiration date is meaninglessbut there’s still that feeling of unease that comes with munching on snacks whose packaging claims to have expired weeks or months ago. Which foods are especially good to consume after their expiration date has passed what you should actually do No.

How to distinguish the freshness of food

nevertheless The expiration date is almost silly (These are only general guidelines not mandated by the Food and Drug Administration)., there may still be concerns.milk becomes sour, the cheese will get moldy and the meat will go bad.So it’s natural to worry that most, if not all, foods will end up offending you. FoodKeeper App You can learn more about almost any type of food. It is designed to help you “understand the story of your food and drink” and “maximize the freshness and quality of your products”. So, the FDA says, “items can stay fresh longer than they would if they weren’t stored properly.”

FoodKeeper allows you to click on different types of food. For example, clicking ‘Dairy and Eggs’ takes you to a page where you can choose ‘Butter’, ‘Fresh Cheese Curds, Unaged’, or ‘Coconut Milk’. To preserve its quality, it goes to a separate page that says it must be consumed from the date of purchase by the expiration date if refrigerated, and within 7-10 days if refrigerated after opening.

Again, these are guidelines. No expiration date set in stone. Here are some foods that can make you feel especially confident on your down after a date.

Foods that are safe even after the expiration date

First, even if food is on this list, off For some reason, I don’t eat it. Trust your intuition and your existing knowledge of what good and bad food looks like.

  • canning basically indefinitely safe, Around Delishbut I want to store it at a temperature below 75 degrees, Within 2-5 years of purchase, you’ll probably be eating more. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that he doesn’t eat anything from a bloated can. warning sign can include harmful toxins.
  • Frozen food is also indefinitely good, but degrades in quality over time. Most of the time it takes months to a year to eat these.
  • egg Generally, it can be consumed for 3-5 weeks after purchase.
  • old bread It’s safe bread, but don’t eat moldy slices (You can do it Store in freezer to maintain freshness longer if not consumed immediately). This applies to grain When chipsthat too: As long as you’re not munching on mold, you don’t have to worry about expiration dates on these items, as long as they can stand old foods.
  • pasta It’s fine to eat and doesn’t fall off noticeably. Even if you bought it two years ago, if the box is closed in the cabinet.
  • sugar Never spoil. Never mind the sugar.
  • peanut butter Especially if it is unopened, it can be eaten without problems even after the expiration date. If you open it, there will be quality problems, but it is safe to eat..

Foods that need attention

There is no good reason to overhaul your entire inventory every few weeks. Especially since inflation is this high.

  • of The U.S. Department of Agriculture you use or freeze beef, veal, pork, lamb Products that have a “sell by” within 3-5 days from the date of purchase. Freezing is important. USDA also pointed out Frozen food is safe indefinitely, but should be used within a few months, depending on the type of meat.
  • fresh fruit If not frozen, it will last about a week, but it may stay fresh longer than that. (Apples last longer even at room temperature. longer).you’ll know when they start to feel Mushy, slimy, or otherwise look Appetizing. This basic guideline is for Leafy vegetablestoo — give them more sideeye after a week, but some may last is longer.
  • Something that looks or smells bad should be scrapped and thrown away.

These foods are safe to eat past their “best before” date

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