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These credit cards come with Sweet Airport benefits

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What is hanging out at the airport No one has a good time ideaBUt as Transportation Security Administration warning Longer waiting time than usual during the period This busy summer travel season(Unfortunately) arriving at the airport early seems to be a wise choice.

when Flying somewhereI have always stared at my fellow travelers who have accessed them Private airport lounge, Fantasy About what it is I like to have fun like that luxury, Always assume It was out of my reach. However, we have found that access to airport lounges is only one of the many benefits offered by some airline loyalty cards.

Here are seven Credit card offer Great benefits for frequent flyer services, from access to special amenities to discounts on TSA PreCheck..

Annual fee: $ 395

The Capital One Venture X Card offers unlimited free visits to the airport where the Capital One Lounge is located, as well as unlimited free visits. 1,400 airport lounges around the world.As Added perks, you are allowed There are two free guests per visit, so you don’t have to drink a free beer or eat a free pretzel alone. Other airport awards include $ 100 credit for applying for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck, TSA PreCheck for paying applications using a card, and $ 300 annual travel credit. increase. Book with Capital One Travel.

Annual fee: $ 695

The American Express Platinum Card has access to over 1,400 airport lounges. Sign up for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck and you’ll receive $ 100 in credit. It also includes a $ 200 annual airline fee credit that can be used for incidental costs such as bag checks and in-flight meals. You can also get up to $ 200 with Uber Cash for airport transfers.

Annual fee: $ 550

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card gives cardholders access to more than 1,300 airport lounges around the world and is open to two free guests. (Subsequent guests can enter for a fee of $ 27 per person). Other benefits: With $ 100 credit for those applying for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck $ 300 annual travel credit.Probably the most interesting perk This card is Option to transfer credit card points to the airline’s loyalty program of your choice at a 1: 1 rate...

Annual fee: $ 400

The US Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Card includes 12 months of complementary access to over 1,300 airport lounges around the world, plus several other benefits: Those who apply for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck have an industry standard $ 100 credit, and airline purchases have an annual credit of up to $ 325. This card is also exempt from overseas transaction fees when used overseas.

Annual fee: $ 450

The American Express Hilton Honors Card not only provides access to over 1,200 airport lounges around the world, but also A few Cool travel benefits, include 7 times more points when purchasing an airline (Not to mention 14x points for Hilton Hotel arrangements), plus $ 250 airfare credits that can be used for the following purposes: Check bag or in-flight meal. This card also includes a baggage insurance plan. Must cover assets worth up to $ 3,000 If the checked suitcase or its contents are lost, damaged or stolen.

Annual fee: $ 95

With an annual fee significantly lower than the other options, the CitiPremierMiles card is arguably more painstaking than its competitors.Does not include airline fee credits or global entry or TSA PreCheck refunds, but will be granted with a Citi Premier Miles card Access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. In addition, this card is exempt from foreign transaction fees and offers triple points for all air travel purchases.

Annual fee: $ 450

The American Express Marriott Bomboi Brilliant Card includes free access to over 1,200 airport lounges in 130 countries. In addition, cardholders can get $ 100 credit and a baggage insurance plan by signing up for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Individuals worth up to $ 3,000 property.This card will also provide Travel cancellation and confusion insurance. You can reimburse non-refundable costs purchased using the eligible card.

These credit cards come with Sweet Airport benefits

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