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These are the best alternatives to TweetDeck on Mac

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As of July 1stTweetDeck for Mac app Have bObsolete..Independent developer Iain Dodsworth (and Acquired by Twitter in 2011), the app has loyal followers User above Mac. For them, this stings.

TweetDeck has multi-column layouts, live tweets, and Fast alert. It was a simple app, but it worked very well.If you are mourning the loss, here are some other things Options to try.

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Tweeten can be thought of as the spiritual successor to TweetDeck. This app is based on TweetDeck and is actively being developed for changes. TweetDeck users will feel at home with a customizable multi-column layout and powerful notifications.

Like TweetDeck, Tweeten is very fast for both updating and scrolling feeds. TweetDeck’s keyboard shortcuts have also been taken over, giving you access to features such as GIF search, scheduled tweets, and activity tracking. Tweeten is available as an app for Mac and Windows. In addition, there are Chrome extensions.

Turn TweetDeck’s website into an app

TweetDeck isn’t fully functional yet — Twitter will continue to operate the website. We know, we know. Websites aren’t as fast and functional as apps. In addition, it is lost in all browser tabs.

If you don’t want to use the website in your browser, you can try turning TweetDeck into your own app. There are various ways to do this. Browsers such as Chrome and Edge support this feature (from the three dotted lines) menu Go to button, more >> >> Other tools >> >> Create a shortcut).You can also use a self-supporting app like this: Body fluid Also Unite..

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Tweetbot ($ 9.99) is one of the best Twitter clients for Mac. Well designed, fast, customizable, When It has a multi-column layout similar to TweetDeck. Hover your mouse over the lower right corner to see the blue floating icon. Drag the button to the right to create a new column that you can customize.

These are the best alternatives to TweetDeck on Mac

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