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These apps help you make difficult decisions

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From choosing between two restaurants to choosing between two jobs, there is no reliable way for everyone to approach. Decision making.. In the past, we’ve covered a significant portion of decision hacks. I have 37% rule To simplify your instincts, or Creating a decision matrix To prioritize what you need to accomplish. but,Sometimes what you really need is a fair third party to teach you what to do.

Well, maybe “tell me what to do” is oversimplified. Fortunately, there are various decision-making apps that can help you organize and clarify your own reasoning. The following apps are all great tools to help you make decisions in all kinds of situations. Still, they may not give you the decision you want to see.But if you don’t agree with the choices offered by any of these apps, well, that discrepancy is probably obvious. Your real choice..

If you need to turn the wheel

Random decision maker (Android) / Small decision (IOS)

As the names of these apps suggest, this style of decision-making is basically a flashy coin toss. These are two shirts, or a great tool for putting pressure on you and your partner to choose what to eat for a supper. You can enter options to create your own wheel, generate random numbers, and enter various other tools to determine your destiny.

Download the random decision maker on Google Play here. Download Tiny Decisions from this App Store..

When you need to organize high-level decisions

Protagonist: Decision making (IOS)

This decision app is similar to a project management tool and is clearly created with complex decisions in mind (eg). Employee hiring or car purchase).

With this framework, you can enter different layers of criteria and visualize them so that each element is given the appropriate weight. Visualization is a much better feature because it helps clarify and prioritize when adjusting different factors in one decision. Another advantage is that you can share other users and loop through the process (again, it looks like a project management tool).

Download the main character from this App Store Or use Click here for the web version.. (Note: There is a slight drawback that you need to create a free account to use Protagonist.)

For when you are overwhelmed by too many standards

Decision crafting (Android) / Definitive choice (IOS)

The most difficult aspect of decision making can be to categorize all possible strengths and weaknesses. This is the perfect app style for organizing your thoughts when you’re having a hard time looking at different elements objectively.

After adding as many options and criteria as you need, you can assign numerical ratings to those elements. When you’re ready, the app will do the calculations and make decisions based on your rating.

Download Decision Crafting on Google Play here.. Download Definitive Choice from this App Store.

For when you need to weigh the pros and cons

Pros and cons (Android) / Pros and cons (IOS)

Who doesn’t love the clear list of pros and cons? These are simple, straightforward tools for weighing decisions (easier than the multi-criteria apps listed in the section above). You can assign numbers to different strengths and weaknesses, so the app helps you visualize whether your strengths are overwhelming your weaknesses. As the pen and paper get cluttered, these tools help you weigh all the right things more clearly in the decision-making struggle.

Download the strengths and weaknesses of Google Play here.. Download the pros and cons from this App Store.

These apps help you make difficult decisions

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