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There’s Something Better Than Quiet Quit

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Look: If coming and going is considered “quitting,” we all need to quit. You’ve probably heard about “”.quit quietlyAs with g’, growing backlash to viral terms. The idea was first popularized on TikTok. @zkchillin (now @zaidleppelin) describes “Quiet Quit” as an employee “quitting the idea of ​​being superior at work.” He said that while you’re still on the job, the “quit work” part is that you’re “no longer subscribed to the culture of mental hustle that work should be our life.” Since the term became mainstream, critics have pointed to the irony that this concept of “quit” is literally doing the job you are being paid for.

Here’s why you should ignore the “quit quietly” hype and start setting healthy boundaries for your work instead.

Setting boundaries is not the same as quitting

Frankly, it’s a complete shame that the phrase “meets expectations” is skewed to mean “do more work than you get paid.” Unfortunately, this is the natural result of a toxic bust culture that has come to dominate so many workplaces over the years.

Indeed, some of the backlash against quiet termination could be a matter of semantics. explain more precisely What a quiet exit actually means. Current terminology entails a sense that workers are passive, aggressive, or even destructive. It sounds like workers are doing the bare minimum, but this is sure to scare managers who have come to expect workers to do more than that at no extra charge.

It’s dangerous to frame quitting quietly. doing your job— as an act of resistance.the idea No “Working above and beyond” somehow equates to “quitting,” and companies only reinforce the norm that they expect you to do far more work than you get paid. No matter how you interpret the viral term, it raises the real-world question of how we understand fair work and fair pay. That’s why it’s important to learn how to set boundaries around the job you’re hired for and the personal life you deserve to have.

How to start setting work-life boundaries

Before you set boundaries as an employee, there are important caveats to address. Most of the time, the ability to coast at work is a privilege. Many workers know that they may not be able to get away with “minimum” depending on their race or gender.

I’ve previously explained how. Set different kinds of personal boundariesit largely comes down to knowing yourself and effectively articulating what you need.

Check your job description. This allows you to identify what you are getting rewarded for and gives you clear conditions for identifying where the boundaries should be set. Knowing what your boundaries are makes it easier to assert them to those around you.

Communicate your boundaries. Whether you need accountability to stand by your beliefs or you need clarity to make sure your boundaries don’t catch your manager off guard, it’s important to articulate your boundaries out loud. Be clear, direct, and polite.

Mute notifications outside working hours (if you can). Remote work has significantly blurred the lines on when managers expect employees to be able to answer emails or “hop on a quick phone call.” Make sure you have clear start and end times for your work day, depending on your job title.

Learn how to say no. There’s a trick to saying no at work without saying the word “no” outright. For example, if you need to decline an unproductive meeting, say “There are some things I need your attention” or “No, but… [I’m happy to look into it tomorrow/I can send someone in my place/I can meet next week instead]”

Of course, many people really love their work. Good for them!These people can still benefit from setting boundaries between their work and the rest of their lives. many From learning how to set boundaries between work and real life.

After all, you are probably underpaid for your labor. Live your life doing what you were hired to do.

There’s Something Better Than Quiet Quit

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