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“There is no convoy to support,” Lich testifies in support of accepting the “Freedom Award.”

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The second day of Tamara Rich’s bail hearing began on Friday, with the accusations of Crown Lobbying activities that Rich had violated bail conditions several times and her legal defense by the Judicial Center for Constitutional Freedom. There was a record proposal to fund.

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Lich testified in a video link from his home in Alberta that he did not believe JCCF’s acceptance of the 2022 “George Jonas Freedom Award” was a breach. Meanwhile, her lawyer, Lawrence Greenspond, immediately challenged her question about statutory costs.

“Wow, Mr. Greenspon quoted a” clear case “of the privileges of lawyers and clients.

Judge Kevin Phillips of the High Court upheld Greenspon in that regard and determined that the privacy of attorneys and clients’ privileges was “much more than” the value that evidence of her statutory costs could provide in proceedings. ..

By the time the court reopened on Friday after a fierce session on Thursday, the temperature inside Court No. 36 was quite cold.

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At some point Karimsey asked the judge to “reject” himself on Thursday, but Phillips flatly denied the request.

Karimsey continued to cross-examine Rich by accusing her of violating some of the conditions of her release order on Friday, and Lich’s support for JCCF fundraising is “related” to the “free convoy.” I suggested that I knew that.

Rich acknowledged the Gala event and said the award may be “related” to the cause, but “I don’t think it’s a violation.”

Karimjee also created a social media post on Friday featuring Rich wearing a truck-decorated pendant and the word “Freedom Canada.” Karimjee said it was sold in an online fundraiser to support Optimus Prime.

“There is no convoy to support,” Lich counterattacked.

Rich said he understood that the March 7 release conditions meant that “there were no convoys or organizations associated with future protests.”

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A bail review of one of the long-awaited most prominent “Freedom Convoy” leaders this week initially planned to challenge Lich’s bail terms, which restrict access to social media accounts by Greensponge.

Lich is trying to regain access to social media. Greenspon claims that this condition is overly widespread and restrictive and corresponds to a complete “expulsion.”

Crown should be returned to jail this week because Rich “continues to support the cause of the convoy” by agreeing to accept the JCCF Freedom Awards in Toronto on June 16th. Insisted and submitted the application. Featuring keynote speaker Rex Murphy.

Lich is currently banned from entering Ontario as part of the terms of his release. She said she would like to attend similar JCCF events scheduled in Calgary and Vancouver.

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Rich and fellow protesters Chris Barber have been jointly charged with mischief, interfering with police and advising others to mischief and intimidate.

She was arrested on 17 February and initially denied bail on 22 February, but the decision was overturned on 7 March, “freedom, verbal, written, financially or otherwise. We support everything related to convoys. “

Although the hearing was initially set for a day and a half, Philips has already expressed concern that the parties may not be able to complete the submission within the allotted time.

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“There is no convoy to support,” Lich testifies in support of accepting the “Freedom Award.”

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