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The voice prompt of your dating app sucks (and how to make it better)

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After tweeting a screenshot of someone sending me a message with jokes and hinges, I read through Lots of complaints About feeling that there are only two options when contacting someone with a dating app (mainly from men): Ignored or ridiculed.. Also, if you use the option to record a voice message in your profile, only the Mockup option is available. Seems to be more and more common..

Voice prompts allow you to answer question prompts by voice as well as by writing a text answer. Hinge prompts are intended to deepen the user’s personality beyond background and photography. When done correctly, they can add a certain layer of reliability to their dating profile. If you do it wrong, you can quickly swipe left.

This is a way to actually record a voice prompt to give you your first date, instead of recording what you get millions of likes from someone else at your expense.

The biggest mistake in voice prompts

It was only a matter of time before people when Hinge launched the voice prompt feature last year Began to become a virus For ridiculous, hilarious, or generally terrible things. And that’s the truth. Many profiles have a terrible voice prompt.

this Virus super cut The number of bland voice prompts is a good way to capture the biggest problem with voice prompts, the low effort. In that viral video, one person said, “Please give me some travel tips …And record yourself by saying the word “Georgia”. What is the purpose of recording the word rather than typing it? It bothers my head.

Sidebar: That one-word answer from “Georgia” isn’t a great text response either. There is no chance of conversation there. You have to say something like “Georgia, I just came to town for work!” Or, “I’ve always wanted to go to Georgia. Tell me which stops you can’t miss!” Just say.

Don’t waste your boring time as everyone in dating apps is trying to attract each other. Ask yourself before pressing record. What value can your voice message bring? carefully. Here, you can only get one shot from the first impression. Use the recording function to show off your individuality, originality and charm. Whatever it makes sense to you.

Tips for recording powerful voice prompts with hinges

Here are some tips and tricks for taking advantage of the voice feature.

  • Please make it short and sweet. The hinge can only record for 30 seconds, but you don’t have to use it all the time. “So …. yeah …“ending. Grab the point and stop recording as soon as you’re done.
  • Please re-record if necessary. You don’t have to be a one-take wonder! I’m always shocked by how much dead air is in people’s recordings. If you stumble on a word or lose a thread, start over.
  • But don’t sound too sophisticated. Credibility is one of the greatest added values ​​of voice prompts, so try to balance the rambling speech away from the cuff with the Ted Talk speech.
  • Show off your personality. You may want to play against someone who loves the impression of Shrek. Or get a complete reference to an ambiguous TV show. Be creative with what you want to play a match that you might like about you.
  • Increase the value of voice prompts. Make the voice prompt serve a greater purpose than simply reading a one-word response, as in the “Georgia” example above. Take a sneak peek at people for whatever is your most fascinating thing.

Record a voice prompt

Multiple services have voice recording capabilities, but hinges seem to be the most popular. Open the app, To [設定]>[プロファイルの編集]>[音声プロンプト].. You can record audio memos of the hinge’s usual prompts (questions such as “Tell me a travel tip …” or “My favorite random facts …”). And keep in mind: you can re-record as many times as you need. Please do your best.

The voice prompt of your dating app sucks (and how to make it better)

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