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The true cost of deferred home maintenance

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Buying a home is a significant investment. For most of us, it will be our biggest purchase ever.and the maximum debt we will oweMay cause heart palpitations if noticed the house itself home repair collection Invoices awaiting payment.

When most people buy a home using the traditional down payment and mortgage model, they look at the cost of ownership. simply: mortgage payments, plus HOA fee, plus tax When insurance. That alone can be a significant income —Most lenders advise that your monthly mortgage paymentNo more than 28% of income and no more than 36% of total liabilities.

but,HoThese numbers do not take into account the costs of: maintain your home it can much more than you think.

Maintenance costs

Typically, the cost of maintaining a home is about 1–4 percent of its value each yearAlso $150~$per 500 (or more) It depends on where you live and what kind of house you have. This, in addition to mortgage, tax, HOA, and insurance payments, Applies to new homes as well as older homes. This is because it is not maintenance. consistent cost. your The house may not show you any problems right away, bAs When things start to break down, it can be very expensive to fix, so having money set aside regularly means you have it on hand when things go wrong. The service life of the shingle roof is 15 years.30 years, an HVAC system could last 20 years, and a water heater probably fails before 15 years.

In other words, nothing is indestructible in your home It’s down on the same schedule, but all Continuously break in slow motionThe key to managing both the home’s steady decay and control Those installation costs are to avoid delaying going home maintenance.

Deferred maintenance will cost more in the future

Postponing maintenance is a trap Easy to fall into. You’ve bought a home, written a bunch of checks, moved in, and are ready to be exhausted and enjoy your new living space.So don’t worry about the fact that your home inspector said your roof is a little long. I also decided to hope the wood window paint would hold up for another winter.instead of flush the water heateryou like to imagine hot water magically appearing in your shower every morning.I think you have enough warnings in advance instead of staining your nice wood siding start failing.

Deferred maintenance is basically any type of repair, preventive action or inspection performed by the customer. should do it but which Lazy or not, you choose not toI don’t have money. And of course you don’t know what you don’t know. It really surprises me to discover that these gutters need to be cleaned every year. But for whatever reason When a problem occurs, the cost to fix it is definitely Much more expensive than staying on top of your home maintenance.

ikura Postponing maintenance will incur costs

While some homeowners struggle with this concept, Because things cost money, right? For example, if a new roof costs him $7,500, it will cost him $7,500 whether or not he inspects the flashing and gives it. new reflective coating every year or not…right? W.What you are forgetting is the time element: Regular roof maintenance may cost you $100 in materials each year, It can extend the life of your current roof by 5 to 5.10 years — how long the money stays in an interest-bearing account instead of being handed over to another bank roofer.

Or consider windows.scraping and painting Your outside wooden window (and reCaulking a window, regardless of the window material, doesn’t cost much, aside from time, but replacement windows are highThere are 10 windows and you’re watching from everywhere if you notice a fair amount of dry rot. $2,000 to $20,000 to get them exchanged. If you did the work to keep your windows up, They may last you as long as you live in the house. And it goes beyond the window itself: eeven if they If it’s composite, fiberglass, or vinyl, your window system almost certainly includes a wooden frame somewhere. Leaky vinyl windows may never rot, but However, it causes a lot of rot on the frame around it and the walls below it.

by keeping up with maintenance and reducing replacement costs A few years, you can really struggle Interest income on your repair funds.After decades of being in a house, the roof has to be replaced one time It’s a huge savings as opposed to replacing it twice or three times.

There are many other maintenance tasks that could cost you more if deferred.

  • Exterior. If you have wood siding, it will need to be stained or painted every year, which can cost you thousands of dollars. Exchange Wood siding costs over $30,000. Replacing stucco costs an average of $1,500 (but can be much higher).) but regular patching and painting the stucco costs much less. Also, clogged gutters can prevent a perfectly sound roof from functioning.
  • Water heater. It’s free to flush the water heater each year, and it costs about $30 to replace the anode rod (which attracts corrosive elements and wears out every few years). It can last ~10 years and cost over $1,000 to replace.
  • paint. Scratches or dirt iInterior painting in progress could be something you can live with However, peeling paint or bubbling could possibly indicate a water problem and should be addressed. straight away, Before you suffer tens of thousands of dollars in mold and rot deal with.even if small Water leaks can completely destroy your home if not dealt with at the right time.

Finally, consider the fact that deferred maintenance leading to outages has many cascading costs. If the roof leaks, The roof needs to be replaced and possibly the ceiling and wall drywall in the room below.If you wait until the water heater explodes before doing anything else, you may have to rip out the basement flooring due to flood damage.

And the most nuanced costs may not appear until you try to sell your home. Home inspector if not the buyer. when people see with your home You see peeling paint, warped floors, missing shingles, and so on, and you’re mentally calculating how much repair credit you’ll have to offer to convince them to take the risk.

Basically, whenever you notice that something isn’t working as intended in your home, put on your work clothes and either replace, repair, or rehabilitate it, or hire someone to do the work. indicates that it should

The true cost of deferred home maintenance

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