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The seven deadly sins of being a colleague

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Everyone hates the people they work with *: 90% of Americans report having annoying colleaguesAnd almost 60% of us considered or actually quit their jobs because of annoying colleagues.

There really is nothing you can do about others being substandard Learn how to deal with themSo the trick is to confirm you is not a problem. If you find that people at work are excluding you from meetings around the water cooler or replicator (if you’re stationed on a Starfleet ship), assess if you’re committed to any of these. By doing so, sin can start to get so bad. There are other 43,810 reasons my colleagues are worried that I couldn’t list them, However, ask your manager or mentor for a frank assessment of your workplace failure. This really takes courage.

*of course, I don’t hate my colleague.They are all Talented and wonderful people ((Except I can’t stand it)..

The seven deadly sins of being a colleague

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