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The Right Way to Dispose of Prescription Drugs (and Why It’s Important)

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Is there a cabinet full of unused medicine somewhere in the bathroom or kitchen? Those antibiotics you should have finished, but they didn’t, those painkillers they gave you too many ways after your surgery, maybe some long-expired vitamins? Perhaps it’s time to get rid of them, so here are some tips for doing that.

Conveniently National drug collection date Is approaching and there is probably a takeback event in your community.Google has Tools to find a location near you.. Most are open from 10 am to 2 pm on April 30, 2022.

Why it is important to dispose of drugs safely

You may want to keep taking the medicine “just in case”, but there are drawbacks.

First, drugs can be misused.I’m not saying your child / neighbor / nephew Will Steal old painkillers, but many people misuse prescription drugs Get them from family and friends..

Second, there is a risk that someone will accidentally take the wrong medicine. Your toddler may go into the medicine rack, but another possibility is to reach for one thing in the dark before going to bed one night and take another pill in a similar bottle. It is to end up.

Expired medicine May Still effectiveHowever, the reason they have an expiration date is that their validity and safety are not guaranteed after that date. Some medicines break down over time, so taking allergic medicines 10 years ago will not relieve itching or sneezing.

How to properly dispose of medicines

I have a guide Here’s how to safely dispose of your drug.. Drug recovery events are the best way to do it, as they are actually designed for drug disposal.Usually collected medicines Will be incinerated.

If you can’t attend the national convention, you still have a choice. Pharmacies may accept medicines for disposal, and places such as local organizations and police stations may also hold local collection dates.

Otherwise, if you have the medicine you want to get out of the house right away, the FDA recommends checking Whether it is on the flash list.. The medicines on the list can be poured into the toilet.It’s not the best option as the medicine shouldn’t actually be put into the environment Sewage treatment plants usually do not decompose them, but as a last resort, they are fine. Drugs that are not on the flash list can be dumped in the trash as directed by the FDA —But again, takeback events are considered a better way to get rid of them.

The Right Way to Dispose of Prescription Drugs (and Why It’s Important)

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