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The Most Overrated U.S. Tourist Destinations (and Where to Go Instead)

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After rounding up The most overrated tourist destination outside the United States, It’s time to go domestic.We all want Avoid tourist trapsAnd, fortunately, avoiding the “sightseeing” experience is both a destination and a planning issue.Whether you are such a traveler Plan all the last detailsWith a little research, you can avoid wasting your hard-earned vacations.

Still, it can be difficult to resist the famous “bucket list” destinations. Even if those attractions are overrated. From the sea to the shining sea, many iconic spots cannot respond to hype because of the long lines, the stuffy crowds, and the general feelings of the “me” when actually seeing the sight. Overrated and popular US tourist destinations, that is Worth it for a while.

The most overrated tourist attraction in the United States

Not to mention how much of this list results in personal taste..this is My insights on which attractions are all worth your time and money, and which spots are really worth it do not.

the statue of Liberty

You really don’t have to look at her up close as much as I love Lady Liberty. The best way to experience her is to ride the Staten Island Ferry for free. It also offers stunning views of Lower Manhattan, Governors Island and Brooklyn Heights.

Plymouth Rock

I can’t emphasize this enough: this rock is just a rock. seriously. There is no historical evidence to confirm what this rock is, that is, more than a rock. ((((rock! )

Disney ____

I’m fascinated by the culture around me Waste waiting in line with Disneyland, It doesn’t have the charm of actually visiting. Don’t expect to “get it” when you arrive, unless you know you’re already taught as a Disney adult.For me (and countless people), the Disney theme park experience is a very expensive way to spend a lot of time. A day in a hot crowd. Overrated!

Times Square

New York is full of tourist traps, but Times Square may just take a cake.Maybe itIf you’ve never been there, it’s worth the walk, but after seeing the malformed, low-paying Elmo, you’re ready to leave.And by all means, don’t get stuck eating at Times Square’s expensive restaurants Only a few blocks in any direction when the city has much better food at a much better price.

Mount Rushmore

I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard countless stories of visitors being overwhelmed by seeing the president’s head carved into the stone. If you really need to see it, most travel blogs recommend filling your visit with far more scenic stops like Badlands National Park, Custer Wildlife Loop, or Lake Sylvan. increase.

Niagara Falls (New York side)

In the case of Niagara Canadian view The waterfall is a better view of drop down.As a bonusAs Lifehacker’s senior health editor Beth Skwarecki pointed out to me, “”A few blocks away on the Canadian side is a small tourist trap village with lots of haunted houses and wax museums. I don’t know if everything is still there, but it was very fun and creepy. I sold it.

Myrtle beach

This infamous South Carolina beach is called “Dirty Myrtle” for that reason. For less crowded, polluted and overcrowded areas, try the nearby Richfield Beach instead.

Mike’s pastries and modern pastries Boston

In Boston’s North End, Italian restaurants and bakeries line the streets as far as you can see. Especially two bakeries —With Mike’s pastry Modern pastry — In the center of a Long-standing debate over which Provides the best Of the best Cannoli.The truth is, they are both really good, and Both boast very long lines. If you want to grab a cannoli, The surrounding bakeries are full of high quality cannoli-Or skip the discussion altogether Choose a donut tour instead..

Santa Monica Pier

It’s crowded, devastated, expensive, and food is inferior to places with few tourists in the area. Sadly, the price of this tourist trap is that the water around Santa Monica Pier is the most polluted in the state.

Bourbon Street

Everyone from New Orleans will assure you that Bourbon Street is not worth your time. In a city with a great deal of culture and history, Bourbon Street will feel like a fuss party. Real gross, real fast.

Where to visit in the United States instead

There is no shortage of vacation destinations that are highly undervalued in the country. Here are some spots to add to the US bucket list. Whether you’re looking for adventure, loneliness, or the escape you need, you’ll find one of the following spots:

  • Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Hiding in the giant rock at the top is one of the most underrated hideouts I’ve ever visited.
  • Boseman, Mon. A laid-back outdoor access point to the Big Sky Country.
  • Bear Lake, Idaho.. Often referred to as the Caribbean Sea in the Rocky Mountains because of its teal and bright water color.
  • Asheville, North Carolina Asheville has become a popular destination for underrated southern towns in recent years, so visit this Blue Ridge Mountain town now.
  • Kennett Square, Pennsylvania Adjacent to this fascinating Amish is the world’s mushroom capital. No, it’s not the type of medicine.
  • Anacortes, wash. If you’re looking for a smaller, colder version of Portland, Oregon, check out one of the coastal towns of Wash. Anacortes, of especially, A great starting point for taking a ferry to the San Juan Islands.
  • Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville is not only a university town, but also a country of beautiful wine and horses.
  • West Palm Beach, Florida. If you’re looking for a free Miami experience that Miami brings, try West Palm Beach instead.
  • Portland, Maine. Maybe Portland Not underrated — yet it’s probably not the first “Portland” you draw.The town itself is hip and you too You can spend a moody moment at the lighthouse.
  • Huntsville, Alabama. Specifically, the US Space & Rocket Center is one of the best space museums in the world.
  • Sedona, Arizona. It’s not as hyped as Phoenix, so it’s perfect for your next underrated vacation destination. Sedna, known for the red rock butte, There are some of the most “not to be missed” sunrises and sunsets in the country — jNeed to skip hiking with lots of tourists Devil’s Bridge Trail Supporting trails that are scenic but have less overrun Sugar loaf loop trail..

As I said before: A good travel experience depends on the traveler Than the destination. Spend some time online to find the perfect time and season to plan your visit, and collect site-specific tips from all the free travel blogs available online. Wherever you go, manage your expectations and try to understand what you are working on.

The Most Overrated U.S. Tourist Destinations (and Where to Go Instead)

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