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The most important phrases to remember before traveling abroad

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trip obviously a great way to learn See different cultures, historic sites, and enjoy different cultures cooking. There are many guides to help you find tourist spots and restaurants. These days, even in countries you’ve never been to, you can get along pretty well by using your mobile phone to navigate. B.The age-old wisdom of high school Spanish teachers still holds true: At least a little communication will make for a better (and safer) trip. with Locals, even if they don’t speak English. Phrases to learn in the language spoken in your destination country are: Previous you pop out

Basic phrases you should know

Before going to a country where English is not the first language, Basic. Learn to say these phrases in the most commonly spoken language in the area you are visiting:

  • “Do you speak English?” This is probably the most useful phrase as it helps you find people you can actually talk to. (Also, you should make it clear upfront that you don’t speak your native language by learning “Excuse me, but I don’t speak…”. Bonus points for learning “I know very little…”)
  • “Hello and goodbye.”
  • “Please” and “Thank you”.
  • “excuse me.”
  • “My name is…” and “I am a visitor from the United States.”
  • “How much does this cost?”
  • “Where…?”
  • plus”…btoilet””…Hotels”, and other destinations as may be required.
  • “help.”

Agnieszka PilateAn artist who travels frequently for work, also suggested learning some unique and contemporary things. password? ” Useful if you don’t have cell phone service. “Can I use your outlet?” Helps keep your phone charged all the time.

More specific phrases to master

There’s definitely value in learning the basics, like asking where the restroom is or “May I have an iced coffee, please?” Yet each journey is unique. For example, if you’re heading to Germany for a conference, you’ll need to learn how to ask for directions to the venue, “Is there a discounted rate available for attendees of…?”

Then there are the more serious details. Nibain Jaya Los Angeles-based model who travels frequently for work When Delightfully, the duo had to be extra careful during a recent trip to Europe with her best friend, as another woman had a severe nut allergy, they told Lifehacker. had to learn how to sayhe has a nut allergy. Are there nuts in this? If you have unique medical needs or similar concerns, learn as many phrases as you can to prevent surprise hospital visits. (Pilate also said that we should learn, “I am not feeling well. Take me to the doctor.” Even if there are translation problems, doctors are better number emergency doctor. )

While brushing up, “I have to go to the American embassy” or “I have to talk to someone who can speak English”.You don’t have to actually be taken to the embassy or get into any kind of trouble, but it feels good to know you can ask for help for now.

The most important phrases to remember before traveling abroad

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