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The first thing you need to buy after moving to a starter home

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Congratulations, you just Bought your first House!! After years of apartment life, additional bedrooms, garage space, backyard Apparently It’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? Even a modest starter home can make you feel like an aristocrat — for a while until you think of everything about you Must buy to actually make it Homely..

Yes, this means you have to go to the store this time, even though you borrowed a huge amount of money and spent all the dimes you had in your savings to buy that place, And hit them hard, To buy everything you need to live there.. EEven if you intend to continue using everything you already ownIf the new house is bigger than the old one, You will have a lot of space to fill and will take more responsibility To take care of.

OAcquiring a property is very different Borrow one. UUnless you’re in a condo with a maintenance companye-maintenance Now you have—AThe same applies to your home Safety and security. Your personal shopping list for a new home may be longer or shorter Depending on what you have From old place (and each size)But here what you do You need to get it after you buy your first home.


Whether you just bought a charming bungalow or a McMansion with a very large room There are some universal basics you will need to play tennis in it:

  • Window cover. It is very common to find your new home completely stripped to the bare walls. Unless you like the idea that your neighbor looks at you really well, you should prioritize some sort of window covering.You can buy cheap and basic ones Keep your privacy and leave it for later to make more careful design decisions.
  • Welcome mat. If the previous owner left one, it may be filthy and not reflect a sense of humor or style. In addition, we want to keep the nice floors we just purchased as clean as possible, so we recommend starting over.
  • Shower curtain. If you need a curtain for the shower in your new home, bring a new one so you don’t have to think about the moldy sins of the previous owner.Again, these can be very cheap and temporarys Until you have time to calm down and choose something cool.
  • Garbage can. Maybe you have something to bring with you, or maybe The previous owner left them..either wayDirt and gunk that set on them may mean that they are not worth the time it takes to clean up. It’s best to start anew.
  • shower head. This is from the galactic brain: Shower head Replaced Or just clean it once or twice a year They really become ganky over time.I don’t know how the previous owner handled the shower head, Put in a new one for peace of mind (and better water pressure)..

Maintenance staff

If you purchased a place with HOA or cThe Ondo Association, which pays for maintenance companies, may be able to skip this part. Otherwise, I have the news to you: unless you do it (or hire someone to do it) you won’t be able to accomplish anything with your property. Therefore, you will need some tools that you did not need for rental.

  • Snow shoveling. If you can snow in your new neighborhood, get a good shovel. Not only is this necessary to leave the house after a storm, but most local governments legally require you to clear the sidewalk in front of your house.
  • Ladder. Even in a one-story house, you’ll need a decent ladder to access the area while painting and repairing... If you don’t know what you need Multi-position ladder It is highly flexible and easy to store.
  • tool. Perhaps you already have a full set of tools, but for the last few years you’ve asked the landlord for minor repairs and if the toolkit is equivalent to a screwdriver and a hammer Buy at CVS, you need a more robust set..Fortunately you can buy Convenient toolkit It gives you all the basics, and adds from there as needed.
  • Plunger. A low plunger is something people don’t think about until the moment they flush the toilet and the water level begins to rise. The chances of the previous owner misplaced the ganky plunger are not zero,.. ..Do you touch it?
  • lawn mower. Again, unless you have a property with maintenance services You will be responsible for tame the grass and weeds that grow in your garden. Other landscaping tools may also be needed, Unless you’re going to hire a company to handle it for you. FOr starter, but You need at least some kind of lawn mower, Simple Reelmore May be enough To meet you have started.

For those extras room

Buying a home means that furniture and other things that fill a cramped apartment suddenly look pretty sparse.You will need some foundation to occupy All that extra space:

  • furniture. This may seem obvious, but if this is your first home, I guarantee you weren’t really thinking about the scale of your needs: extra Beds, nightstands, dressers, rugs, desks, tables, lamps, bookshelves and more, the list continues. You certainly don’t have to fill all the rooms on the first day, but keep in mind that if those rooms are going to work for you, you’ll have to go hunting for furniture.
  • Sheets and bedding. Very often, new homeowners are partially motivated by the desire to have a spare bedroom for family and friends. You can visit them and stay with them. Even if the previous owner misplaced some beds, and you can keep the existing mattress, You will need all the bedding and sheets for at least a while...
  • Cleaning supplies. At least double the amount of whatever you used in the old place. Even if you plan to hire a cleaning service, you’ll still need tools to handle sudden confusion and spot cleaning in case a person-in-law stops by without notice.

Security related

You bought a house. This means that important assets are filled with a variety of slightly less important assets. There are some basic things you need to protect everything.

  • New lock. Change the door lock immediately. No one plans to rob you (probably), but you don’t know who has the keys to those old locks.People give keys to their neighborsTo the family, and to the contractor for convenience-and forget about all of them.
  • Security system. This is optional, but a good idea.Even cheap DIY security settings provide some protection and home sales lists Sometimes used by thieves to identify empty homes It’s a good idea because it’s easy to rob..
  • Fire extinguisher. The first thing to do when entering the kitchen is to look for a fire extinguisher. If so, check the pressure and date. If it is old or missing, get a new one. Don’t wait until an emergency occurs, like a plunger in the bathroom.
  • New smoke alarm. Unless the previous owner has the foresight to ask when installing smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors, Replace everything immediately.This gives up to you Ten years ago when you had to think about it again, and ensure that you and your family are protected.
  • Nightlight. You may not like or need NightLight Regularly, but when you’re in an unfamiliar place They are a great idea.Navigate unfamiliar floors The plan is a bit confusing for the first few weeks (or more) so you can see where you’re going at night It will be an advantage until your mental muscle memory begins.

Your first home is time to celebrate, but it’s also time to go shopping. Once you have these basics, you can immediately enjoy your new home. Of course, unless there are ghosts.

The first thing you need to buy after moving to a starter home

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