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The fastest way to convert those annoying WebP images

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WebP is Google’s version of a modern, versatile image format intended to replace the likes of PNG and JPEG.but that’s all I managed to do something in the last few years the year is Become Mild irritation. Best used to display images on websites, this format handles compression well, but can be a hassle for people who want to download and use images. If you’ve ever downloaded an image and scratched your head at the .webp extension at the end, you know the pain. T.here is the answerWhen strangely Your best bet is to use the Chrome extension.

Download WebP images as PNG

Problems are best resolved at the source. Save image as PNG Chrome extensions do just that. Once installed, right click on any of his WebP images in Chrome or Chromium based browsers. then selectSave image as PNG” Optional. The extension converts and saves the image as PNG.. this’It will be a fairly large image file, but probably worth it file format Use anywhere.

Convert WebP images on Windows

If you’re using a Windows PC, you don’t need to download a third-party app to convert WebP images. T.he is reliable The Paint app does the trick. Open the WebP file in the paint app, File> save as. here,”PNG images” Also “JPEG image” Options based on your needs.So Select the destination folder You are done.

Convert WebP images on Mac

Similarly, the built-in preview app helps you open and convert WebP images.Open image in preview and go File> write out.[エクスポート]in the menu format Select an option and clickJPEG” Also “PNG” Select the destination folder,keep Convert images.

If you’re using the latest version of macOS, you can use the Finder’s Quick Actions feature to quickly convert one or more WebP images.go to finder Select an image and press rright click on themand go to quick action> convert image. Select a format and press and clickConvert to JPEG New files are saved in the same directory.

Convert WebP images online

If you want to convert WebP files in your browser itself, you are out of options. You can use websites like cloud conversionyou can convert 5 WebP images to JPEG at once.

The fastest way to convert those annoying WebP images

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