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The easiest way to tell a food allergy while traveling

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If you have a food allergy or medical condition that you may need to explain to others, traveling abroad presents new challenges. To avoid eating what you shouldn’t eat, you need to understand how to explain yourself in a language that you can’t speak well (or at all)...It is translated medical Card comes in —If you’re not sure you can make it yourself, you can buy it from several online sources.

Food allergies are one of the most common reasons Man Bring the translated card to your trip.. As explained earlierAlso If you know some basic terms in your local language, you can ask: whether Foods contain nuts. Even better, study before learning some of the popular nut-containing foods and the names of different types of nuts. That way, you can scan the menu without asking the server about all the items. (Some cards contain a list of common ingredients, including the listed allergens, which helps both the user and the server communicate.)

Some places you can order Ready-made cards for food allergies and special diets (including religious and medical restrictions) include:

In addition to food allergies, you may also need cards for other medical conditions. Select Wisely has cards for diabetes, asthma and more. For example, the diabetes card has a word that asks a person to give sugar. If you have hypoglycemia, you can point to this message. There is also a message asking for help in getting to the hospital.

Before trusting your health on a piece of paper with unfamiliar words, it’s wise to ask a bilingual person to make sure that the card accurately indicates your intentions and that you can do it. is. Understand how the server or chef responds. Select Wisely cards usually end with a question like “Does this food contain nuts?” There should be a clear yes / no answer.

And of course, you can always go to the DIY route: After translating the message, make your own card or screenshot and save what you want to say on your phone. Make it visible to people who are fluent in the target language. That way, you won’t unknowingly rely on bad Google Translate.

The easiest way to tell a food allergy while traveling

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