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The easiest way to run Android faster

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Whatever happens Browser for Androidthat accumulate Junk files over time.Keep those files unchecked It can occupy hundreds of megabytes to gigabytes of storage space.this Not only does it slow down your browser, it can also affect your browser speed. Call, and the solution is simple: Clear junk files on a regular basis browser..

How to clear Cache from android browser

There are different steps for clearing cache and junk files for each browser. The following describes popular browsers.


Open your browser and tap the three dotted lines menu Click the button and go to history >> >> Clear browsing history data..

from here, Time range The option is “everytime.. ” next,”Cookies and site data” When “Cached images and files“option.Tap “”Clear data“ Deletes all saved data.

Samsung internet

If you are using a Samsung smartphone, you may be using a Samsung smartphone Bundled browser.Open your browser and tap line 3 menu Located in the lower right corner. Gfrom o setting >> >> personal data >> >> Delete browsing data.. C“Cookies and site data” When “Cached images and files“option.Tap “”Delete data“ When Confirm from the pop-up..


Tap the three dotted lines menu Upper right button going to setting >> >> Delete browsing data.. “cookie” When “Cached images and files“option.So Tap “”Delete browsing data..“

How to clear Android cache App

What if I’m using a niche browser like Brave or Opera?look In history Section settingYou will see the option to clear the junk file there.

There is also a global option to clear the cache that works for all apps, including the browser, but wWe do not recommend using this for apps like banks Or password manager, since you Risk of losing important data: Open setting Go to your android phone app, Apps and notifications (Also App)> App informationSelect the app you needafter that “Storage and cacheTap the section and tap “”Clear cache.. “ All temporary files will be deleted immediately.

The easiest way to run Android faster

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