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The easiest way to peel tomatoes

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Even if your favorite way to consume tomatoes is “biting” that Like an apple,” there will come a time in your life when you have to peel the tomato.probably you will be process the summer harvest or just make some marinated tomato salad.Byou intention The moment arrives when you need to peel them off.

How you should peel the tomato It all depends on how urgent your bare tomato needs are. Fortunately, there are three easy ways to remove these skins (and save the skin, make tomato sauce for additional credits).

Use conventional branch and shock if you want to preserve flavor and texture

W.e was originally covered this A classic “hack” dating back to 2012This is the most widely used method for peeling tomatoes (and drupes) and is very easy.when it gets a little steamy. As previously explained, all you need is a sharp knife, a pan of boiling water, and an ice bath.

Bring the water to a boil and make a small X in the bottom of the peach or tomato before adding the fruit. , lengthen if unripe.Whatever it takes to loosen the skin!) Remove the fruit and immediately place it in a bowl. Full of ice water. The ice water will stop the cooking process, and once the fruit is cool enough to touch, you can immediately peel it.

this is the method i use in my my favorite tomato salador other recipes featuring raw, naked tomatoes.

put them in the freezer if you feel lazy

this is how to use If you notice a lot of tomatoes, it’s because it requires very little work on your part.No boiling water required Or in an ice bath, you don’t even have to make a little “x” on the top of the fruit.

If you put a whole tomato directly into the freezer, it will keep for a whole year. When you are ready to use them, Run them under hot water, rubbing gently until the peel slides off. Toss them in sauces or other recipes that call for peeled tomatoes. But I don’t eat them raw — fWhen chilled, the moisture in the fruit expands and the cell walls rupture, making the fruit slightly mushy. (It doesn’t bother me with sauces, but it does with salads.)

torches, if you only have a few

Boiling a pot of water to peel a few tomatoes may seem like overkill, but borrow the power of fire I get very similar results. The procedure is almost the same, except for turning water into fire. Make a small “x” in the bottom of the fruit, grab it with tongs, and slowly rotate it over an open flame (stoves and kitchen torches work equally well). Rinse or run under a cold tap. Peel and proceed as usual.

The easiest way to peel tomatoes

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