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The easiest way to open a can without a can opener

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One of the basic rules of life is that everything is easy with the right tools and nearly impossible without the right tools. A good example of how this works is can opener: But wyou had pull tab design since 1962, you can still do something Grocery shelves are full of canned products that lack this simple advancement. can openerwe will soon learn the definition of waste.

The can is designed to be opened even though it doesn’t look like it can be opened after being dented for 15 minutes. Curse that. After all, a can opener is nothing more than a sharp-edged wheel that cuts through the seal on the can lid. The main problem with most attempts to open cans without a can opener is reliance on the wrong physical force. Hammers do great damage to cans, but probably won’t open them in a useful way. Here are the smartest and easiest ways to open a can without using a can opener (and cutting your fingers in the process).

how to open a can without tools

if you don’t even have spoon Rely on your name when you need to open a can. Do not despair. As long as you can give it a little elbow grease, you can open the can. All you need is a rough surface—a lock would sufficeconcrete or sandpaper.

Turn the can upside down and vigorously rub the top along the rough surface. This wears away the soft metal at the top of the can and eventually peels off the seal. Friction is a powerful thing, so it doesn’t take him more than a minute to do this. You can pause periodically to squeeze the can to see if it’s worn enough, or wait until you see any leaks. Perhaps you can squeeze the top off like Popeye is aiming at the green one, or you can insert a knife or other flat tool into the seam to lift the top off.

Just be careful. Any distraction while scraping the can can completely wear the deal off and cause food to get wrapped up all over the place.the trick is to stop Previous you get to that point. Also, watch out for metal shavings. Much like sanding wood, this method creates a bit of metal ‘dust’. It is necessary to prevent this from entering the food.

knife, screwdriver, or a spoon

Can lids are designed to be punctured, tools to do the job. Place the can on a flat, stable surface and It is necessary to pierce the top several times in a row along the edge, carefully peel off the lid and pour out the contents.

You can easily pierce the lid with a sharp, sturdy knife (a box cutter will work. as well), but it’s kind of dangerous to use — it’s A slippery hand can easily cause injury. if you have Minus driver (A hammer is optional.) It’s a little safer to tap the tip of your screwdriver along the edge of the can until you can insert the screwdriver under the lip you just created, peeling the top off.

There is also a spoon method that shaves the end of the spoon. along the inner edge of the can Insert the tip of a spoon and rock it up and down until it deforms, slicing through the seal until you have a large enough opening. This takes a little more dexterity and effort, but good to know if you don’t have some kind of knife or screwdriver but happen to have a spoon – jBe careful of the sharp edges this creates.

The easiest way to open a can without a can opener

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