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The easiest way to make your sponge last longer

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First, say: Sponges are generally bad. Sometimes they smell. Sometimes they aren’t fit for the job. But whether you love or hate them, they are a necessary part of maintaining a clean kitchen. If you feel like you’re spending more money on sponges these days, you’re not alone. According to the Consumer Price Index of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Household cleaning products have increased by an average of 10.1% over the past year..With that in mind, here Three tips to get the most out of your sponge.

Cut the sponge in half

There is no major conspiracy here.Cutting the sponge in half does not release secret compounds that clean the dishes or open the portal To the multiverse where the sponge does not get dirty. This sounds really easy. Cut the sponge in half to make two sponges. but why? Well, I have never seen the work of a regular size sponge that can not be handled even with a small sponge. By cutting them in half, you will provide yourself with a perfectly clean sponge at the same price and twice as often. And by mixing two sponges at once, You will always have something ready to go..

Use this hierarchical usage system

What do you do when you think the sponge has surpassed its usefulness in the kitchen sink, but may still be alive? So for other cleaning tasks? Reddit users u / disitinerant I was fascinated by what could only be called a “gradual use sponge system”.“ They explain.

When I retired the sponge from the counter, I cut off the corners to indicate that it was no longer suitable for the counter. These can be used anywhere, such as on the floor or in the bathroom sink. When retiring these, cut off another corner and use it for the toilet. Save on paper towels.

This system is a great way to get the most out of your sponge, be environmentally friendly, and avoid using it in situations where it shouldn’t be deployed.

Reduce the amount of dishwashing liquid used

according to Wire cutter, You may be using too much dishwashing liquid. They recommend using one teaspoon of the product at a time to create a healthy layer of foam across the surface of your dish.Doing so will make it easier Squeeze the soap out of the sponge. This will extend the life of the soap.

The easiest way to make your sponge last longer

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