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The easiest way to make your cell phone invoice cheaper

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I remember the days when I didn’t know the amount billed for my mobile phone at the end of the month. At that time, we were assigned something like 500 off-market text messages a month, and as you passed, the bill soared to horrific levels. Since then, like many others, I’ve been passionate about keeping mobile phone bills as low as possible humanly. If you can use a little trimming on your invoice, start here.

“Automatic payment” for mobile phone invoices

This is Slam Dunk. Many major carriers offer discounts if you register for automatic payment of your invoice every month. T-Mobile offers $ 5 per line For each phone covered by the plan, Verizon offers $ 5 to $ 10 discounts per line According to your plan, and AT & T offers up to $ 15 per line According to your plan. Not only that, you no longer have to worry about late fees being added to your invoice.

However, a word of warning: If you are traveling abroad, make sure all ducks are lined up. If you don’t want to be hit by high phone charges due to roaming or international data charges, you can make an automatic payment and then wake up one morning with less money in your checking account than expected.

Spring for unlimited data

The real place you can be struck by your phone bill is beyond your data allocation. for example, Verizon charges a high price of $ 15 per gigabyte You look up your data. This is probably not necessary for everyone. If you have a cheaper data plan and don’t exceed your quota, you don’t need to upgrade to an unlimited plan.

Otherwise, most providers offer unlimited data at competitive prices, so if you haven’t jumped at it yet, it may be time. Verizon’s unlimited data plan starts at $ 80 per month; AT & T starts at $ 65 per month; When T-Mobile also starts at $ 65 per month..

Try a small carrier

Verizon, AT & T, and T-Mobile have so much turmoil that you’ll think they’re currently the only phone companies in the game. However, if you’re willing to make some sacrifices, there is an entire SME infrastructure that prioritizes low prices. Mint Mobile’s unlimited data plan costs $ 30 per month For one line, you can use a cheaper option with a plan with less data. Boost Mobile unlimited data plan starts at $ 50 per monthWhen Xfinity mobile plan starts at $ 45 per month (For each line).

These carriers are cheaper than Big Three carriers because they lease wireless capacity from large companies rather than maintaining their own mobile towers. This means that large companies prioritize their customers first, which can slow down data speeds if the network is congested. But if the absolute fastest data isn’t a big concern for you, this is a great way to save significant changes in your monthly phone bills.

Remember that numbers have power

If you want to save on phone bills, the most effective way is to sign up for a “family plan”. The carrier offers significant discounts to the groups that enroll in the plan together. The differences between registering for the Verizon plan yourself and registering for a “family” of four are as follows: $ 25 per line per monthFor AT & T, the difference is $ 30 per line per monthFor T-Mobile, it’s $ 38.75 per line per month. And most importantly, the members of family planning do not have to be actually family members. It’s available to anyone trying to save money.

The easiest way to make your cell phone invoice cheaper

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