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The easiest way to learn keyboard shortcuts on Windows, Mac and iPad

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Whether you’re on a PC, Mac, or iPad, use keyboard shortcuts to many Temporal. For example, on Mac you can use: command + ` Quickly switch between open windows of the same app instead of clicking desktop search for the right screen. Most of us know at least a few useful things, there is a shortcut tons Learn, each platform has So Either way, it’s almost impossible to remember them all.

instead of missinguse These great utilities will help you find the keyboard shortcuts that best suit your needs. devices and their apps.

Windows: PowerToys Shortcut Guide

Microsoft PowerToys are powerful utilities It adds some useful features to your PC. for our purposes, Download PowerToysopen the app, Click Shortcut guide Click a tab.

Make sure the “Enable shortcut guides” switch is set to uponthen used, yes, a keyboard shortcuts (Windows key + Shift + /) To start the utilityLaunch the shortcut guide and you’ll see a list of part The most useful key combinations in Windows.

Note that shortcuts are usually linked to the Windows key on your keyboard. it may not be helpful Enter a description. If you see a shortcut linked to A in the Shortcut Guide, Windows key + A. Whenever you want to refer to this list of shortcuts, Windows + Shift + / And you are set.

(While you’re making the most of this feature, don’t forget to check out List of hidden YouTube keyboard shortcuts.)

Mac: cheat sheet

To access a handy guide to all the shortcuts that work best for you Mac, cheating paper It’s the app you need.Free and ready to set upand easy to use.

After installing CheatSheet, instructions Press the key for a few seconds to see all available Keyboard shortcuts for the app you’re using. It’s a simple shortcut that’s often useful, so why Apple hasn’t implemented it as a default feature on macOS is a mystery —Especially since it’s the default functionality iPadOS.

iPad: command key

The iPad has many useful functions keyboard shortcut, complete with a built-in way to learn them all. every time you open the app instructions Click the button to see all available keyboard shortcuts. Doing this on the home screen will show the system default keyboard shortcuts. If you try it within an app, you’ll see shortcuts specific to that app.

T.This only works when using a physical keyboard on the iPad. This is because on-screen keyboard shortcuts don’t really work in iPadOS. T.The same shortcuts work on iPhone as long as a physical keyboard is attached to the device.

The easiest way to learn keyboard shortcuts on Windows, Mac and iPad

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