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The Easiest Way to Delete All Screenshots on Your Old iPhone

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you probably Whether it’s a place you want to remember or a photo you want to save, take a screenshot every day, or text thread want to share. worldOur photo app is probably Messy Screenshots from the past few months, if not years clutter your photo library, take up depository with your iPhone iCloud.

The reason is clear. Those screenshots are still there. Removing them is a hassle.However tHis iOS Shortcuts from Gadget Hacks It aims to solve this problem, allowing you to delete all screenshots (except recent screenshots, hidden photos and favorites) with a tap.

How to delete all old screenshots at once

To get started, Auto-delete screenshots shortcut.Tap “get shortcut“ Add to shortcut library.Then tap the three-dot menu Customize with the shortcut box.

The shortcut automatically ignores screenshots taken in the last week and screenshots in your Favorites album.you can edit thoYou can read more or add more exceptions.

When you’re ready, return to the main screen and tap Shortcuts. If you have a lot of screenshots in your library, give the shortcut some time. After the scan is complete, you will be prompted with how many screenshots the shortcut can delete. Use “eraseOption to delete all screenshots at once.

If you have too many screenshots, the Shortcuts app won’t let you delete them all. instead of,[設定]will prompt you to enable the feature.go to setting > shortcut To enable “Allow deletion of large amounts of data“ You can delete all screenshots directly by rerunning the shortcut.

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The Easiest Way to Delete All Screenshots on Your Old iPhone

Source link The Easiest Way to Delete All Screenshots on Your Old iPhone

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