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The difference between hoarding and just messing up (and what to do with either method)

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first, Reality TV Performance Hoarding So-called “Hoarding” where the house is cluttered and requires expert intervention. And a few years after the program introduced hoarding into the public consciousness, Tik Toks came from a cleaner who specializes in cleaning up that kind of mess. Both forms of these media allowed viewers to stare at and theorize people who are full of living space. Garbage, clothingAnd NickTips — And forgive those who wonder if they might too It will be hoarding.

If you are Among those who wonder if Your mess (Or the messiness of someone you love) Qualification as hoarding, lLet’s see what the hoarding really is And what can you do about your confusion —Whether you are a real hoarding.

What is hoarding?

HFrustration obstacle, by Mayo Clinicteeth “Recognizing the need to preserve property makes it permanently difficult to destroy or give up property. People with hoarding disabilities experience pain when thinking about removing items. Excessive accumulation of items will occur regardless of the actual value. “

According to the Cleveland Clinic, Symptoms of hoarding disorders include a strong need to “preserve” property, the inability to remove property, “extreme stress” about throwing things away, and anxiety about the possibility of needing items in the future. Touch things, including uncertainty about where to put things, distrust of others, live in cluttered and unusable places, and stay away from friends and family.

Find out if you have a relationship with someone with a disability, have a brain injury that causes the need to store items, have a traumatic life event, have a mental illness, or are experiencing it, etc. There are also some risk factors that can be as simple as a coupon, but you can’t pass unruly buying habits or free stuff.

If you are related to the above criteria and your living conditions are unhealthy or unsafe, you are your doctor. Treatment usually includes cognitive-behavioral therapy or antidepressants, which can be used in combination.

I have help: Hoarding disorders have been recognized as a definite mental illness since 2013, but only 2-5%. Many people who have been diagnosed are studying possible causes. Some believe that it may be a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder itself, while others conclude that it may be associated with ADHD or dementia. It is helpful to consult a medical professional about hoarding and other issues.

What is the difference between hoarding and being messy?

Everyone can get confused from time to time. The key to knowing if you’re a little annoyed or experiencing a real obstacle is in the details.Regina Lark of the National Association of Professional Organizers I told WebMD in 2014 The hoarding is displayed when someone has a large number of items. “There is no can opener, but there are 40.”

Again, safety is key.If your house is cluttered but not dangerous, You may just be messy. If the shower is unavailable due to clutter, the stairs are full of barriers, you stumble, or the fire outlet is blocked, it’s a problem and you should consider whether you’re hoarding. is needed. Also, keep in mind that the accumulation of combustibles poses a fire risk.

What can you do?

Even if your cluttered problems don’t go up to more stats, they’re still problem.. It can be frustrating if you’re embarrassed to have friends because you can’t find someone in what you already have, or if you keep buying duplicate items. There are cleaning services that specialize in both hoarding and rough situations, It can be expensive.

Mef you just hesitate, enlist a Friends and family seeking help. Ideally, someone who cares for you and has no judgment, even if the only function here is to hang out with you while you clean and continue to work. Take a trash bag, waste food, unnecessary receipts, junk mail, And other papers..clothing You don’t wearWhen Items that I bought a long time ago but haven’t bought yet What is used is probably something that can be donated.

For each WebMD, it’s also important that you write down your habits. Where do you put your key when you get home? Where do you wear when you take off your clothes at the end of the day? Once you know what you are doing unknowingly and have a solid understanding, it can be helpful to be proactive in fixing them. If you find yourself throwing your keys on a kitchen table, counter, sofa, etc., start putting them in one place each time.Specify a laundry bag or obstacle for the bedroom Work to get consciously Your dirty Get dressed every night..Will take time Form new habitsHowever, once you clean your place, you will need those habits to maintain space.

It may be worth consulting with a therapist, even if it is not related to the above hoarding disorder symptoms. How this is yYou can find one, Even within the budget. Remember that many people are suffering from confusion and confusion. You are not alone; you need to understand why you are doing this, what is preventing you from cleaning up, and if you need outside help.

The difference between hoarding and just messing up (and what to do with either method)

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