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The difference between clarified butter and ghee

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Butter is an ideal dip sauce for these hot summer months when the artichokes are ready to be steamed and the crabs are ready to boil. If you’ve eaten a lot of either of them, you’ve probably noticed that they come with a small tub of drawn butter for soaking. But how do you draw the butter accurately? Is there any difference from making ghee?

Both butters are clarified and made in a very similar way, with one small difference. Melted butter is made by boiling butter over low heat. As the water foams and boils, milk protein begins to aggregate in white masses and sinks to the bottom of the pot. Straining them leaves pure butter fat (or 99% butter fat; yields may vary).

Ghee takes a few minutes longer to make.Mainly used in Indian cuisine (adopted by the Whole 30ers and Keto people), the process of making ghee is similar to the process of making melted butter, but instead of instantly filtering the solids of milk powder. They sink to the bottom of the pot, you let them cook with hot butter as if you were making Brown butter.. Then you scrape off the brown pieces, and you have a ghee. (You can also make ghee In the microwave, If you are so leaning. )

This extra cooking gives the ghee a nutty flavor not found in “normal” melted butter. Due to lack of water and protein, both clarified butter is stable for several months at room temperature, has a higher smoke point than clarified butter, and is for those who have difficulty digesting milk protein. Can be used instead of butter when cooking and sugar.

Ghee is most commonly used in Indian cuisine, but French recipes require clarified butter (although for fairness, ghee is a type of clarified butter). You can use it in the same way, such as dipping a crab’s leg in a ghee, but keep in mind that a ghee gives a pleasing nutty feel to everything you bake or cook. (This is not a bad thing.)

The difference between clarified butter and ghee

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